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EyeSens with OPC Support

POSTED 06/26/2014

EVT EyeSens with OPC SupportThe EyeSens systems can now also serve as an OPC server. The OPC standard allows the EyeSens sensors and also the EyeVision software to function as OPC server. Therefore detected data such as measured values are now easily sent to a client. The user can determine, which data should be sent with the standard interfaces (RS232 or Ethernet) of the vision sensor to the OPC client. With this the requirements for the integration into SCADA are fulfilled.

As already known from the EyeVision software, the OPC integration is possible with the drag-and-drop function.

For example, the EyeSens Bottle Inspect (BI) measures the fill level and sends this data via OPC to the SCADA system. Based on this measured data the SCADA system can regulate the fill level and also display the data graphically.