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EVT offers image processing solutions in the 1D, 2D and 3D areas. In addition, with the help of Eye Vision Technology products, tasks can be solved quickly and inexpensively using thermography and hyperspectral measurements.

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EyeScan ML 3D – New 3D Laser Scanner

POSTED 04/08/2016

EyeVision from EVT now supports the EyeScan ML 3D scanner.EyeVision from EVT now supports the EyeScan ML 3D scanner. The image processing software EyeVision contains special 3D commands, which can not only capture an image but also can convert them into 2 ½ D images and can generate and evaluate 16-Bit point clouds.

The EyeVision software is a graphically programmable machine vision software to solve measurement and inspection tasks.

The EyeScan ML 3D has to offer an accurate z-resolution of up to 0,0025 mm and an also accurate x-resolution of up to 0,021 mm. With 6000 Hz, the output rate is really fast.

The ML scanner is a lasertriangulation sensor for scanning profiles and for applications such as solder paste inspection, gap inspection, profile measurement, evaluation of thickness, width measurement, fill level evaluation, etc.

As for example to solder pipelines, where long steel stripes are pressed into a pipe and the gap is soldered. With the EyeScan ML 3D a scan line is created across the solder line and with the EyeVision 3D software the scanner data is evaluated and sent to the motor control unit.