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EyeScan LZ 3D Sensor Profile Camera

POSTED 08/05/2013

rong>Measuring of small components with EyeScan LZ 3D

the new laser stripe sensor

EVT now offers with the EyeScan LZ 3D sensor a profile camera, which can be used wherever height profiles need to be determined for moving or static objects. The EyeScan LZ laser stripe sensor allows a resolution of up to 0,1 mm. With height distances of 200 to 600 mm, the line profile sensor can be used for detecting objects, which are even smaller than 3 mm. On a line length of 140 mm the sensor Measuring of small components with EyeScan LZ 3Dcan capture the measurements of small components, due to the resolution of 0,1 to 0,9 mm in a measurement time of 10 ms and a frame rate of 100 Hz.

In combination with the already well known EyeVision image processing software, this means that even the smallest components can be detected, counted or measured. As already known from other EyeScan sensors, inspection programs can be created with the drag-and-drop function completely without programming skills. Also the new EyeVision 3.0 version features not only the support of languages such as Japanese, Mandarin and Korean, but also new 3D commands, which carry out the 3D image capture and evaluation fast and efficiently.

The EyeScan LZ 3D sensor is additionally equipped with an encoder connection and supports therefore the creation of calibrated 3D-data. Therewith several applications such as robot guidance as well as contour- and volume determination, are possible.

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