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EyeProfile - Digital Profile Projector

POSTED 08/31/2012

new digital profile projector by EVT combines the advantages of a profile projector with the accuracy of optical measurement technology. With "EyeProfile" the inspection parts are projected by a highly precise lens and illumination onto a 5 megapixel CCD sensor. The evaluation is carried out by the EyeVision Software, which - equipped with a precise measurement technology command set - measures accurate up to a µ.

The component parts are measured and evaluated by EyeProfile without human help automatically after a one-off configuration of the inspection program.

EyeProfile allows the user to measure all desired sizes and distances of an object at the same time and therefore provides a much more efficient measurement for quality control. Compared to manually operable projectors, EyeProfile and EyeVision can carry out up to 200 measurings per second and the measurement time can be diminished notably.

As with the EyeVision system the position and alignment of the configured object is regarded automatically, the EyeProfile system is not only suitable for the professional but also users, who are not as versed in this area can carry out even complex measurements. Just insert the object, without fussing about the correct position and off we go!

Additionally a completely digital profile projector wipes away possible differing measurement results, which occasionally occur with manual measurement, as the result is up to the user and his or her skills and also habits. With EyeProfile there are no detractions due to user-dependent differences concerning alignment and measuring points.

EyeProfile is equiped with a 5 megapixel camera with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixel and a PC. For an easier data management the data are recorded automatically by the automatic coupling to numerous SPCs such as Q-das and also a transfer into Excel is possible.

The programming of the inspection programs with EyeVision takes place as already known – easy for every user, who only has to drag the command icon from the toolbox into the programmeditor to configure the program on a e.g. component part. And you can get started in no time!