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POSTED 02/06/2013

rong>now with new illumination controller

In the field of image processing the appropriate illumination is, besides the lenses the second most important area, before the actual image evaluation can start. Thereby it is especially important to choose the applicable illumination for the respective application. With the EyeLight series, which includes all sorts of lighting such as transmitted light, incident light, dark field and bright field lighting, dome light, ring light, spot EyeLightlight, and many more, EVT offers reasonably priced and versatile lighting solutions. Our EyeLight slogan therefore is “Good Lighting = Good Image Processing”.

Because image processing lives on the image and the contrast, the lighting is the adequate instrument to generate the needed contrast or else a constant color temperature, to display the world on the sensor.

For example, even a diffused ring light would make distracting reflexions when inspecting the display of a mobile phone. Whereas a diffused axial lighting allows a very good surface inspection on many surfaces as for example on a display of a mobile phone, because it avoids shadows and shines.

On the other hand backlight lends itself to measurements of inner contours and outer contours as well as to verify the existence of boreholes etc. Due to the shadowing effects of the diffused background the component part gets a strong contrast which can be evaluated nicely.

In addition the even light of a dome light allows to cleanly recognize even complex geometries of deeper lying segments such as OCR/ OCV. Variations in the texture concerning reflexivity or color can also be recognized easily.

In addition EVT offers a new illumination-controller, which is available in three different operating modes: in the constant mode, which offers precise continuous lighting intensity control; in the strobe mode, which provides high current triggering for applications that requires high speed and high accuracy; and finally in the trigger mode, which provides most flexibility for variable timing light output.

EyeLight offers lighting systems for various applications and above all is optimally attuned for the EyeSpector products. EVT also helps with the selection of the adequate lighting for your concrete application.

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