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EyeCheck 9xx series & EyeVision 2.6 020 LTS

POSTED 10/09/2012

g border="1" hspace="10" alt="EyeCheck 9xx Series and EyeVision 2.6 020 LTS from e2v" vspace="10" align="right" src="http://www.visiononline.org/userAssets/aiaUploads/image/e2v_EyeCheck900.gif" width="300" height="216" />With the smart camera series EyeCheck 9xx, EVT offers an ultra-compact system, which convinces especially by its extreme efficiency and also its easy integration into existing systems. The specially compact smart cameras are available in grey and color and in combination with the powerful EyeVision 2.6 image processing software, they allow to recognize even hard to read patterns, which are not even recognized by several sensor barriers or common sensors. The already integrated evaluation software EyeVision 2.6 allows the EyeCheck 900 sensors a very short period of adjustment and set-up time.

The EyeCheck 900 cameras are quite robust and suitable for industrial applications and due to the protection class IP67 they are especially suitable for rugged environments.

The cameras with the CMOS sensors have a resolution ranging from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024 pixel. The ARM processor provides the camera with a speed of 1 GHz. Additionally they are equipped either with an integrated lens and illumination (focal length: 6, 12 or 25 mm; illumination: red, green or blue) or with a C-mount socket.

The combination with the EyeVision 2.6 software offers a large reduction in development time and deployment and maintenance cost for machine vision systems. The advantage is that the applications are customised smartly and expeditiously with the flexible system software and its graphically easy programmable user interface even for complex 2D and also 3D tasks.

Whether you need a system for recognition of production differences, quality or color deviation, for the tracking, recognition, distinction or sorting of component parts, for pick-and-place, for reader functions (QR, DMC, OCR/OCV, bar code), rejects control, tolerance supervision, label and surface inspection or pattern matching, the EyeVision 2.6 software in combination with the EyeCheck 9xx series can cope with all these applications and many more.
The use of the EyeCheck 9xx series with the already integrated EyeVision 2.6 software is specially attuned to the needs of various industries, such as automobile and supply industries, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, packaging industry, beverage and food industries, semiconductor industry as well as machines and plant engineering. With only a few mouse clicks the applications for those branches are solved.