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EyeCheck 8000 4 Head Smart Camera – Surveillance

POSTED 02/06/2014

presents the EyeCheck 8000 smart camera, which is equipped with a powerful 1 GHz ARM and 800 MHz TI DSP CPU with up to 4 sensor heads and also includes the EyeVision image processing software.

Based on a powerful ARM/DSP CPU and the EyeVision Software, a wide range of application can be solved, depending on the application of the customer.
The camera is especially useful for surveillance tasks. Because the additional CPU enables the hardware to convert the image data into a H264 video stream from each of the 4 sensors. With the integrated micro SD card, the complete data stream can be saved internally. And with the optional WiFi Ethernet adapter, it is easy to stream the image data to any other location within the range of the WiFi network.
The powerful file system of the LINUX operating system enables the user to use the complete storage space on the micro SD card. The system supports up to 64 GByte SD cards. The large memory of 3 GByte allows the temporary storage to store several minutes of video in the main memory. In addition to the micro SD card the camera is equipped with a 16 GByte flash drive to store video data. Therefore custom made solutions can easily be realized.
The low power requirements of the ARM/DSP Core allows the system to run even only with a battery for quite some time, depending if the system is in capturing mode. The wide range of optional sensors for the camera can be used as trigger or to add information to the images e.g. a GPS, Gyroscope or magnetometer and accelerometer are available.

The sensor images can also be stitched together e.g. for surveillance of streets to find out if there are any damages. With the 64 GByte micro SD card a complete image of some hundred km can be stored on one card, which is stitched together for inspection. With the additional ARM CPU, interesting areas can be detected during the capture, so that the inspection of the streets surface is much faster. Also the user gets a list of all interesting areas.