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EPSON Robots is the global leader in PC controlled precision factory automation with a product line of hundreds of easy-to-use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots. Our industry leading EPSON RC+ PC based control software and powerful integrated options such as vision guide, conveyor tracking, .NET controls, force sensing, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, GUI Builder, security option and more help reduce development time, improve system performance and save you money. Building on a 30-year heritage, EPSON delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor and telecommunication industries.

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EPSON Robots Honors Flexible Automation, Inc. for 30 Years of Outstanding Partnership

POSTED 12/02/2014

Carson, CA – Epson Robots, a global leader in advanced robotic technology, recognizes Flexible Automation, Inc. for 30 years of partnership in designing and implementing top notch robotic automation solutions that make North American manufacturers more productive, competitive and profitable.  In their 30 year partnership with Epson Robots, Flexible Automation, Inc. has used a substantial number of Epson SCARA, Left to Right (Andy Osterholzer – Flexible Automation, Ed Osterholzer – Flexible Automation, George Barbu – Epson Robots)Cartesian and 6-axis Epson robots for a wide variety of different robotic applications.

"For the past 30 years, Epson Robots has had the honor and pleasure of working with Flexible Automation, Inc.. During this time they have delivered thousands of world class automation solutions to companies large and small; hundreds using Epson robots," said Michael Ferrara, Director of Epson Robots - Americas. He continued, "Their strong technical skills, outstanding customer relations, and unwavering desire to get it right the first time, is of extreme importance to us and our common customers. Flexible Automation, Inc.’s support of their customers and their support and relationship with Epson Robots to meet customer expectations is second to none. We share a common goal of always putting the Customer First and it shows."

Since Ed Osterholzer started the company 31 years ago, Flexible Automation, Inc. has always been focused on the customer’s experience before being concerned about the project’s financial status.  “The old adage about finding a new customer is more expensive than keeping an existing customer happy, has never been more accurate than in the custom machine building industry”, states Andy Osterholzer, President of Flexible Automation, Inc.. Andy also commented that "Flexible Automation, Inc. recognizes that procuring a custom assembly machine is a stressful process for an engineer and our goal is to make the project as smooth and as enjoyable for the customer as possible.  Ultimately, the reward ends up being additional orders and referrals for new business."

When Andy Osterholzer was asked what has made Flexible Automation, Inc.’s relationship with Epson Robots such a great success over the last 30 years, he stated "It's simple; both companies share the same goal about customer experience. Epson Robots really does focus their efforts on the integrator and communicates leads in a fair manner. Other robot manufacturers seem to "get cute" with opportunities, whether they keep them in-house for their own integration group, or they cherry pick opportunities for a select few integrators. Also, pricing seems to be stable and fairly managed with Epson Robots' products. Other robot manufacturers sometimes pull out fire sale prices and undercut their own integrator network. This does little to build trust and cooperation. Epson Robots' products are easy to integrate, offer best in class performance in most cases, and are a good value relative to the competition. Finally, we rarely need technical support from Epson Robots technical team, but when we need them they are always there."

Epson Robots is proud to be a 30 year partner with Flexible Automation, Inc., a company that offers consistent industry leadership, loyalty and exemplary principles when it comes to support, dedication and service. We've enjoyed the past 30 years and everyone at Epson Robots looks forward to working with Flexible Automation, Inc. for a very long time.

About Flexible Automation, Inc.
Flexible Automation, Inc. was started by Ed Osterholzer in 1983.  They became North America’s first integrator for Epson Robots in 1984. In 2012, Ed’s son Andy purchased the company and took over day to day operations as the company President.  Ed continues to play a valuable role as CEO.

Flexible Automation, Inc., starting out with just 2 employees, today employs 55 people. Andy Osterholzer attributes their growth to 2 major factors; Creativity and Customer Focus. When it comes to creativity, Flexible Automation, Inc. takes great pride in solving difficult assembly problems and finding a solution that makes good financial sense for the customer.  On any project unforeseen obstacles are inevitable, but Flexible Automation, Inc.'s creativity and tenacity always comes through in the end.

Over the years, Flexible Automation, Inc.’s applications have consistently centered around small component assembly and testing. Being a Michigan based corporation, 80% of Flexible Automation, Inc.’s business is associated with the automotive industry. The remaining balance equates to 10% consumer based and 10% medical. Some of the core applications include vehicle cameras, vehicle climate control modules, transmission sub-assemblies, IV components, medical filters and much more.

For more information about Flexible Automation, Inc. visit the company website or contact Flexible Automation, Inc. at (810) 742-8540.

About Epson Robots
Epson Robots is the global SCARA Robot industry leader with an installed base of well over 35,000 robots and a product line of hundreds of easy to use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots based on a common PC based controls platform. Building on a 30 year heritage, Epson Robots today delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the automotive, electronics, semiconductor, medical device, aerospace, appliance, biotechnology, consumer product, food processing, pharmaceutical, plastics, and telecommunication industries. More information can be found on the company’s website, or contact us at Epson Robots, 18300 Central Avenue, Carson, CA  90746, USA.

Left to Right (Andy Osterholzer – Flexible Automation, Ed Osterholzer – Flexible Automation, George Barbu – Epson Robots)