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Mikrotron GmbH, established in 1976 and located outside Munich, Germany, provides a full range of high-speed imaging solutions for challenging applications in industry, engineering, science and sports. The company designs, produces, distributes and rents high-speed cameras, image recording systems, software and image processing components. Mikrotron's extreme slow-motion recording enables customers to optimize manufacturing processes, improve product design, revolutionize quality management and analyze motion.

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EoSens CXP Family of Cameras

POSTED 10/09/2013

g hspace="10" alt="Mikrotron EoSens CXP Cameras" vspace="10" align="right" width="250" height="186" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/image/Mikrotron_EoSens_CXP.jpg" />Increasing demands on speed, image quality and precision are an essential component in industrial quality assurance and event analysis using image processing. Simple installation and flexible handling are crucial criteria for the selection of a suitable high-speed camera. This applies to all industries. Recordings in high-speed allow a detailed analysis of the fastest processes in manufacturing, research, development, medicine, bionics and even complex motion sequences in sport. Small, digital high-speed cameras with high resolution and minimal dimensions open up many new areas of applications in quality assurance and process optimization, such as laser triangulation, 3D inspection or process control in PCB assembly.

The high-speed camera models of the EoSens CXP family by Mikrotron open up many new and sophisticated applications as well. The integrated high-performance CoaXPress real-time data interface of the cameras allows data transfer rates up to maximum 25 GBit/s and distances up to 100 m. The data transfer, the communication and control to the PC as also the power supply is via only one cable. The dimensions (C-mount) are only 80 x 80 x 53 mm. These are all advantages for easy system integration and operation.

With maximum resolution of 3 mega pixels (1,690 x 1,710), 4 MPix (2,336 x 1,728) and 25 MPix (5,120 x 5,120) the new camera family 3CXP, 4CXP, and 25CXP offers optimal application-specific performance levels with maximum frame rates of 560 (3CXP), 560 (4CXP) and 80 (25CXP) frames per second. The high resolution of the camera models for example allow to capture exactly even the smallest details of the components in high speed. The flexible region of interest (ROI) achieves a high degree of application flexibility and frame rates up to 100,000 frames per second. Image control with the global shutter provides distortion-free and sharp pictures of the analysed processes.

Due to their outstanding performance and functionality, the new cameras meet the requirements for the most demanding tasks in all areas of application. The cameras are ideally suited for all classical machine vision applications, as well as for event analysis in research and development, and also for high-speed shootings in sports and broadcasting applications.