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Edmund Optics Now Offers Olympus Objectives for Life Sciences Applications

POSTED 10/03/2012

New Life Sciences section offers product recommendations & technical resources

Edmund Optics presents Olympus ObjectivesEdmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces four new Olympus Objectives families for bio-imaging and microscopy applications. These objectives are just a few of the optical components featured in the newly launched online Life Sciences section of the EO website.  

The new online Life Science pages are designed to help customers select the right optical components for their life sciences application. Select from Bio-Imaging & Microscopy, Diagnostics & Genomics, Spectroscopy, Ophthalmology, or Medical Lasers applications to find recommended products and technical resources. Each area includes definitions, application notes, videos, success stories, and stock components as well as a link to EO's friendly and informative technical support to help customers select the right products based on their specific technical requirements. Complete details can be found at www.edmundoptics.com/life-sciences
Olympus Plan Achromatic Objectives provide field flatness up to F.N.22 
Olympus Plan Achromatic Objectives provide precise field flatness of up to F.N.22 in brightfield, darkfield or fluorescence microscopy. Available in 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X objectives, they are designed for clinical laboratory or examination applications. 
Olympus Plan Fluorite Objectives use advanced multi-coatings 
Multi-purpose Olympus Plan Fluorite Objectives use advanced multi-coatings to provide excellent flat field images from the UV to the NIR. These versatile objectives provide high signal-to-noise ratios, superior resolution and high contrast imaging capability. Available with high NA and oil immersion options in several sizes from 4X to 100X, Olympus Plan Fluorite Objectives are ideally suited for brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence or polarization microscopy. 
Olympus Long and Super Long Working Distance M-Plan Fluorite Objectives reduce specimen damage
Olympus Long and Super Long Working Distance M-Plan Fluorite Objectives offer long working distances to increase specimen safety while providing increased contrast for observation. These two objective families feature over 90% transmission from 400-700 nm. Olympus Long Working Distance M-Plan Fluorite Objectives feature standard pupil positions, allowing multiple prisms or polarizers to be used for DIC microscopy, as well as brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence and polarization microcsopy. Olympus Super Long Working Distance M-Plan Achromatic Objectives are designed for brightfield microscopy. All of these infinity-corrected objectives and are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

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