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Edmund Optics New 2011 "Super Service" Catalog Kicks Off Superhero Campaign

POSTED 01/21/2011

g class="" hspace="7" alt="Edmund Optics Spring 2011 catalog featuring Optavia" align="right" width="226" height="300" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/Image/EO_Optiva_catalog.gif" />Edmund Optics (EO), the premier provider of optical components, today announced the release of its new Spring 2011 catalog featuring Optavia, EO customer-turned-superhero as a result of speedy service and delivery of EO products.  Need it tomorrow?  EO can deliver over 24,200 unique stock optics the next day!
Nominate Your Real-Life Optics Superhero 
To complement the new "Super Service" theme, EO is seeking out "Superheroes" of the optics industry to be featured online and in marketing materials. Customers are encouraged to nominate their own real-life Optics Superheroes by visiting the website www.edmundoptics.com/superhero. These awards represent an opportunity to honor and recognize these individuals, highlighting their work, supporting colleagues, and unique contributions to photonics. 
"EO's real-life optics superheroes are using optics to foster innovation, drive cutting edge research and benefit industry," says Marisa Edmund, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.  "From retinal cameras restoring sight to the blind to developing new single molecule techniques for targeted drug therapies, EO Optics Superheroes can be found all around us."  Meet EO's first real-life superhero, Dr. Kathleen Richardson of Clemson University, to learn more about her Precision Glass Molding R&D and the Advancement of Glass Science in Optics superpower.
Products Ready for Super Delivery
The new catalog also showcases over 1,600 new products in several areas critical to the evolving optics market. In the field of IR optics, EO's expanded product lines include such items as new TECHSPEC Plano-Convex (PCX) lenses in both silicon and germanium substrates for superior performance across the full IR spectrum. The catalog also includes a new line of Long-Wave IR Achromatic Lenses ideal for thermal imaging in addition to new optical components such as focus-tunable lenses, achromatic cylinder lenses and Plano-Convex (PCX) Axicons.
"As the preferred supplier of optical components, Edmund Optics understands what it takes to get customers solutions quickly," says Edmund, "and our catalog is a great first step in that direction. With our industry-leading customer service, 24-hour technical support, huge inventory of stock and custom optics, we can take customer projects from design to prototype to volume production." 
EO welcomes the public to visit its site to learn the complete story of Optavia, meet new characters and recognize the amazing optics superheroes that can be found all around us.