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e-con Systems™ Launches 20MP (5K) High-Resolution Multi-Camera, Capturing Every Tiny Detail for Exceptional Imaging

POSTED 02/05/2024

e-con Systems has launched the e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD –20MP, a high resolution camera based on the AR2020 image sensor. It is designed to deliver exceptional image quality, achieving a high frame rate at 20MP, even with multiple cameras connected to the platform. This high-performance 5K camera seamlessly interfaces with NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™, Jetson Orin™ NX, Jetson Orin Nano™, and Qualcomm® Robotics RB5. With decades of experience in ISP fine tuning, e-con has excelled in fine tuning the host ISP, ensuring exceptional image quality. This camera also comes with support for USB, GMSL and MIPI interfaces.

Watch Our Introduction Video: Gain insights into our advanced camera solutions by viewing our introductory video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpzNXIe8eoo

Key Features in Brief:

  • 20MP High Resolution – Ensures crystal-clear imaging quality, capturing tiny details even from a long distance, while maintaining reliability in low-light conditions.
  • Expert ISP Fine-Tuning for Superior Image Quality – Delivers high-quality image output through a precisely tuned ISP, capturing every detail, enhancing dynamic range, and reducing noise.
  • Multi-Camera Support – Achieves remarkable 30fps at 20MP, even with multiple cameras connected to your platform.
  • Low-light and NIR Excellence – Achieves superior image quality, particularly in extremely low-light conditions of <5 lux, while showcasing a remarkable 60% Quantum Efficiency (QE) in the NIR spectrum.
  • Shutter Efficiency Enhancement with GRR – Reduces the rolling shutter artifacts, delivering smoother and clearer visuals, especially while capturing fast-moving objects.

With the features listed above, e-con plans to include game-changing features such as Smart ROI, Wake on Motion, and extended dynamic range (EDR) in near future, further elevating its capabilities.

The e-CAM200’s super resolution, enhanced low-light capabilities, versatile platform compatibility, and exceptional NIR performance, make it an ideal solution for applications such as drones, autonomous sports broadcasting and analytics, skin analyzer, fundus imaging, whole slide imaging, OCR, inventory scanning, and digital twin.