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e-con Systems is all set to captivate attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES 2024)

POSTED 01/04/2024

As the calendar turns to January 2024, the team at e-con Systems is brimming with anticipation for our participation in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. From January 9 to 12, you can find us in booth #9566. We’ll be eagerly showcasing our latest camera technologies that transform your expectations of what embedded vision can do!

CES 2024: One of the largest events of the year

As you may know, CES is a global phenomenon of an event that sets the stage for the future of innovation. It’s where the largest brands worldwide come together, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. This year, CES 2024 has an impressive lineup of speakers, including Dr. Roland Busch – CEO of Siemens; Nicolas Hieronimus – CEO of L’Oréal; Gary Shapiro – CTA® President and CEO; and more.

e-con Systems will be presenting CES 2024 in booth #9566

At CES 2024, e-con Systems is poised to showcase the exceptional capabilities of our latest camera technologies. These innovations represent the culmination of our 20+ years of experience in the embedded vision space.

So, what can you expect while visiting our booth #9566?

Let’s take a quick look.

Explore a range of imaging capabilities

See our extensive range of MIPIUSB, and GMSL cameras. These cameras, offering resolutions from 1MP to 20MP, can be integrated into several applications across industries. They are engineered for seamless integration with popular ARM platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson and NXP i.MX8, and Google Coral, ensuring adaptability to many end-use scenarios.

See live demos that showcase camera innovation

  • 270-degree Surround View Solution for AMRs: Check out our 270-degree Surround View Solution, custom-made for enhancing the functionality and safety of autonomous mobile robots. This technology represents a huge leap in the field of robotics vision, offering comprehensive environmental awareness for AMRs.
  • Full HD GMSL2 Global Shutter Camera for Self-Checkout: Watch our Full HD GMSL2 Global Shutter Camera in action, showcasing its performance in self-checkout systems. This demo highlights the camera’s capability to capture high-speed, high-quality images, which is crucial for reliable self-service retail applications.
  • Full HD Sony Lowlight GigE HDR Camera for Proximity Detection: Experience the accuracy of our Full HD Sony Lowlight GigE HDR Camera, specifically in applications that need accurate human presence and proximity detection. This technology is important for improving security and safety in various settings.

Engage with best-in-class camera experts

Get a fantastic opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions and get all your queries answered. Mr. Ashok Babu, our President and Co-Founder, along with a team of camera experts, will be present for in-depth conversations about your unique embedded vision requirements.

Book your 1-on-1 session here

Exclusive promotions for booth visitors

Visitors who register at our booth will be eligible for a special 20% discount on sample purchases. This promotion is an excellent opportunity for attendees to experiment with our advanced camera technologies and understand their potential firsthand.

Register here for this exclusive offer

e-con Systems extends a warm invitation to you to visit us in booth #9566 at CES 2024. Get a firsthand look at how our advanced camera technologies are helping reimagine the future, empowering businesses to maximize the true power of embedded vision.

So, join us on yet another exciting journey.