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Photonfocus AG is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CMOS image sensor and CMOS camera technologies for the machine vision industry. Based on leading edge,proprietary sensor designs, our products feature extremely high frame rates, high dynamic range (HDR) and extensive programmability for use in many industrial vision applications. Additionally, Photonfocus offers customized sensor and camera solutions and provides design-in support in vision system design.

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DR1-D2048x1088(I/C)-G2 Camera Series

POSTED 09/20/2012

DR1-D2048x1088(I/C)-G2 Camera Series from PhotonfocusPhotonfocus extends its DR1 double rate camera series with three new camera models. Following the earlier models, which are based on the Photonfocus A1312(IE) high dynamic range CMOS sensors, the new DR1-D2048x1088(I/C)-192-G2-8 (I for NIR and C for color) camera series features the CMOSIS CMV2000 2MP low light image sensor.  Photonfocus has enhanced the double rate codec for RGB color and can now offer a camera line-up covering the full spectrum of low light through HDR in color, monochrome and enhanced NIR.

Using the Photonfocus online frame rate calculator you can calculate the frame rate with a region of interest and exposure time.  Frame Rates: Full Resolution of 2048 x 1048 at 85fps, Region of Interest of 1024 x 1024 at 180fps and Region of Interest of 512 x 512 at 709fps.

The entire Photonfocus DR1 camera series is 100% GigE Vision and GenICam compatible allowing images to be captured with any standard image library.  Photonfocus offers a GigE Vision player and SDK and popular 3rd Party software packages such as MVTec Halcon and NorPix StreamPix offer modules to support the double rate technology.