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Manufacturer of machine vision systems. We are a machine vision supplier from Japan with over ten years' experience, and more than 30,000 installations outside Japan. Our goal is to provide the best solutions from installation to support our customers. We have 6 types of main machine unit based on inspection goal. The same software runs into all models. Offering hardware compatibility for cameras for long term use. There are over 60 inspection tools including general purpose and specific application tools as a default in all VTV-9000 models with high processing speed. No programming required and easy to set up for beginners. ViSCO can handle ranging from VGA to 29M pixel camera.

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Don’t Miss NIDays: Visionary keynotes, 10 hands-on workshops, 50 technical sessions and more

POSTED 10/30/2013

end this free, one-day, technology and innovation conference for access to technology leaders, visionary keynotes, 50 technical sessions, 10 hands-on workshops, and an exhibition hall showcasing the latest advancements in design, control, and test. Whether you're new to NI or an advanced user, you will learn something new at NIDays. 
Topics include: 
  • LabVIEW/Software: Learn 10 Functions to Handle 80 Percent of Your DAQ Application; Advancements in Software-Designed I/O for Test; Going Mobile with LabVIEW Data Dashboard
  • Automated Test: Accelerate Mixed-Signal Testing and Lower Your Overall Cost; 6 Disruptive Technologies for Design, Test and Control You Should Know About
  • Embedded Design: Under the Hood: LabVIEW Real Time based on NI Real Time Linux
  • Transportation: Addressing Challenges in the Automotive Industry; Leveraging Multicore, FPGA, and Cloud Technology for Simulations; Addressing the Challenges of High-Fidelity Electric Motor Modeling
  • RF/Wireless: Redefining RF and Wireless Test; Future of Wireless, mmWave, and Beyond; Off-the-Shelf Tools for RF Instrumentation and Software Defined Radio
  • Medical: Delivering Enterprise End-to-End Test Solutions for Medical Device Companies; Using the LabVIEW RIO Architecture for Prototyping a Medical Device Test System
  • Hands-On Workshops: Data Acquisition with LabVIEW; CompactRIO: Programming Real Time and FPGA; Build an Automated Test with TestStand; Test-Drive NI VeriStand for Embedded Software Test; CAN
  • Keynote Presentations: NI Technology, Accelerating Discovery and Innovation and Big Analog Data™ – The Often Overlooked Big Data presented by NI technology fellows.
Register today and please spread the word to your colleagues.
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