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LASER COMPONENTS USA specializes in sales, distribution and marketing of components in the laser and optoelectronics industry. We have been serving customers over 15 years in North America with products from our manufacturing sites in Germany, Canada and the US, as well as from well-selected international suppliers. Our strength lies in the ability to offer FLEXPOINT® laser modules (at different wavelengths and power) and colorPol® dichroic glass polarizers (for the UV, VIS, and IR range) as single pieces or series production. Applications include alignment, positioning, and measurement.

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Detectors with IR Filters for NO2 Measuring

POSTED 08/02/2018

Filters for Pyroelectric DetectorsWorld First in Emission Measuring

Bedford, NH - LASER COMPONENTS is the first manufacturer to offer its pyroelectric detectors with narrow-band IR filters for NO2 measuring (filter option V). This innovative change makes the challenging NO2 measurement possible with non-dispersive infrared sensors (NDIR) – especially in combination with the company’s differential pyros. Manufacturers of exhaust gas measurement systems will now be able to expand their devices by an additional IR measuring channel.

Up until now, the amount of NO2 in exhaust gases has been determined by UV or electro--chemical methods. Engine development was the only field using laser-based IR pro¬cesses. The concentration of carbon compounds, on the other hand, has long been ¬measured using NDIR. As a result, different techniques were applied for each type of ¬chemical compound.

With these new NO2 filters, LASER COMPONENTS strengthens its position as the IR detector manufacturer with the widest standard range of bandpass filters.

LASER COMPONENTS specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry. At LASER COMPONENTS, we have been serving customers since 1982 with sales branches in five different countries. We have been producing in house since 1986 with production facilities in Germany, Canada, and the United States. In-house production makes up approximately half of our sales revenue. A family-run business, we have more than 220 employees worldwide.