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Navitar is comprised of a network of companies that design, develop, manufacture and distribute precision optical solutions. Navitar Machine Vision supplies optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for machine vision, automation, assembly, electronic imaging, testing, measuring and inspection. Our Special Optics division specializes in rapidly designing, prototyping, and manufacturing innovative optical systems for the medical, defense and security, semiconductor and commercial OEM markets.

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Custom Objective Lenses to Support Two-Photon Microscopy Applications

POSTED 09/12/2011

cial Optics, a division of Navitar and supplier of precision optical assemblies, offers objective lens solutions optimized for use in two-photon microscopy systems. These apochromatic objectives are customized with high numerical apertures (NA) and long working distances (WD) for use with various sample sizes and applications. Biomedical researchers use two-photon microscopy to image tissue and look deeper into samples to determine their nature and structure.

With its ability to design and manufacture highly specialized lenses, Special Optics is currently working on two-photon microscopy applications with several large research institutions and universities, such as Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus, where research is being conducted using custom scan and tube lenses from Special Optics.

“Two-photon microscopy applications are a natural fit with Special Optics’ capabilities because we excel in delivering advanced solutions through innovative optical design. Special Optics truly understands the importance of breakthrough techniques such as two-photon microscopy, and is committed to continuously evolving in our product offerings,” comments Craig Fitzgerald, Vice President of Product and Business Development.

Special Optics’ custom objectives meet the need for working distances from 0.3 mm to a longer range of 30 mm. Lenses are also tailored to function at wavelengths from visible light (390-750 nm) to the near infrared (700-1400 nm). Depending on the type of studies being done, two-photon microscopy systems may also be modified for aqueous, oil, and vacuum research environments. Special Optics is on the leading edge of developments in two-photon microscopy systems, and continues to design new lenses customized for this powerful and versatile imaging technique.

About Two-Photon Microscopy 
Two-photon microscopy is a fluorescence imaging technique used to detail tissue up to a depth of one millimeter. This technique is widely utilized in biotechnology and life sciences, and uses red-shifted light to excite fluorophores. A high-energy pulsed laser delivers bursts of high-frequency illumination. For each excitation, two photons of infrared light are absorbed; using infrared light minimizes scattering in the sample tissue, and allows for deeper tissue penetration and reduced phototoxicity. Layers of fluorescently labeled samples are gradually built up, creating three-dimensional images of living tissue, such as neural and embryonic cells.

About Special Optics
For over 40 years, Navitar’s Special Optics division has been dedicated to rapidly designing, prototyping, and manufacturing innovative and high-performance optical systems. Our expertise includes femtosecond laser beam management optics for corneal repair (LASIK) and laser cataract eye surgery, laser optics for DNA sequencing, high numerical aperture imaging objectives for medical and life science applications, long-range surveillance lenses for homeland security and defense applications, and complex electro-optical systems for semiconductor and industrial OEM applications.

About Navitar, Inc.
Navitar produces high-magnification imaging optics, precision laser optical assemblies, and custom microscopy systems for a variety of automated medical and biotechnology processes including flow cytometry, live cell analysis, fluorescence imaging, DNA sequencing, in vitro fertilization, stem cell imaging, and two-photon microscopy. Navitar’s micro-imaging optics provide the same high-quality, high-magnification images of traditional microscopes while enabling leading equipment manufacturers to develop lower cost, more compact, and higher performing medical instruments.
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