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Custom Made Vision Sensor CMSV

POSTED 04/07/2014

offers now the possibility to create custom made vision sensors.

With the new CMVS (custom made vision sensor) option, EVT is offering tailor-made vision sensors with an optimized user interface. This means: a special user interface for all applications is at the customers disposal.
custom made vision sensor CMSV
In case a special application has to be solved with an image processing task or has been solved once, a sensor for this task can be created quite easily. This sensor fits then directly to the application.
The already created and ready-to-use senors are for example the EyeSens BI for the bottle inspection, the EyeSens GWI for the glass wafer inspection, as well as the sensors for laserscribing, tool pre-setting, turning parts and may more.

There are also sensors with more reduced comand set, such as sensors for color inspection, pattern matching, position adjustment and also for different reading tasks (QR, DMC, Barcode, OCR/OCV).
For some applications it is possible to combine a number of sensors. For example the EyeSens Angle, which is a sensor for measuring angles of bent metal sheets, can also be used for the inspection of adhesive beads.

The teach-in of inspection programs is carried out via the user interface, which is intuitve and there are no programming skills needed. As already known from the EyeVision software, which is the base for the CMVS.

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