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Founded in 2004, Chromasens GmbH designs, develops and produces innovative image capturing and processing systems to satisfy the most stringent of demands. Chromasens’ expertise lies in the development of both components and systems. The optical, electronic and mechanical elements of high-performance cameras and illumination systems are perfectly adapted to suit the specific tasks faced by each individual customer. The company is based in Constance, Germany, and is ISO 9001 certified. It currently has 78 employees. Production, as well as research and development, take place in Germany. Chromasens offers professional advice and support throughout each phase of the project cycle to its direct and project customers who require customized, individual image capturing solutions. The company’s standardized image processing components are distributed worldwide via certified value-added distributors.

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Corona® II LED Line Scan Illuminator

POSTED 11/20/2013

Significantly Improves Performance Potential of Line Scan Cameras with Illumination Strength up to 2,500,000 lux

Chromasens GmbH's New Corona II Line Scan Illuminator Provides Industry's Brightest, Most Homogeneous Light Characteristics While web inspection requires only a thin line of light to serve as illumination, it is mission critical that the light source be as intense as possible, plus that it features precise light uniformity to avoid chromatic deviations, especially when inspecting such items as color printing, textiles, glass tape or aluminum.

To overcome these challenges, Chromasens GmbH has introduced its next-generation CORONA® II LED line scan illuminator that combines superior homogeneity of light distribution with unprecedented illumination strength up to 2,500,000 lux, allowing line scan cameras to operate at faster speeds. Emitted LED light is focused leveraging the company's patented mirror technology to achieve optimal light shape and spectral homogeneity in the illumination focus range, resulting in no chromatic aberrations.

"When compared to traditional fluorescent, halogen or metal halide, LED is a far superior choice as a light source for web inspections in terms of stability, handling and life span, yet no company has introduced an LED illuminator as advanced as our CORONA II," explained Markus Schnitzlein, Managing Director of Chromasens GmbH. "In fact, it's so advanced that its photometrical properties are eight times greater than our original CORONA I which represented the state-of-the-art in LED at the time of its introduction."

According to Schnitzlein, another advantage of the CORONA II is its modular cooling system that maintains specific color temperatures while decreasing radiated heat onto the product being inspected: "Depending on application requirements and the ambient temperature, the CORONA II's cooling capacity can be adapted by selecting either passive heat sink cooling, active air cooling, or liquid cooling for extreme environments."

Protected in a robust, IP54-rated aluminum housing, the CORONA II is available in standard lengths of 180 mm up to 1360 mm. Standard color choices are White, RGB, IR. UV on request, and there are variety of focusing lengths to accommodate multiple working distances.

In addition, Chromasens offers a matching LED controller, the XLC 4, that serves as a power supply with adjustable current to control modular sections of the line light. To simplify deployment for the system developer, the XLC 4 supports USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and PWM (pulse width modulation) access.