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At maxon, we develop and build high precision electric drive systems that are among the best in the world. We combine brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers into complete mechatronic drive systems.

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Configure high-speed drives from your sofa

POSTED 10/18/2016

Configure high-speed drives from your sofaThe maxon configurator is expanding its offering.

Never before has it been this simple to put together a customized, high-end drive, at work or at home, using maxon motor's online configurator. A variety of brushless, high-speed motors and gearheads are now available.

When constructing a prototype, or if a product is scheduled for a rapid market launch, it is often necessary to choose the right DC motor for the project very quickly. In such cases, engineers go to maxon motor's online configurator. The platform has tens of thousands of drive options to choose from, all of which are available quickly and easily. In addition to the brushed and brushless DC motors with diameters of 8 to 35 millimeters available in the configurator, maxon recently expanded its range of brushless ECX drives.

As a result, ECX SPEED drives are now available in a variety of sizes, both in the high-power or sterilizable versions and also with the option of ceramic bearings. In addition, we offer planetary gearheads (GPX SPEED) to complement the ECX drives and, as a sealed design, tolerate 2,000 autoclave cycles. The entire range of products available in the configurator can be found at:

Ready in only 11 days
The online configurator, allows users to assemble their individual drive including: shafts, flanges, electrical connections, etc. This gives users a whole new range of possibilities. A complete drive – including gearheads and encoder – can be configured and ordered in only a few minutes. The electronic data goes directly to maxon motor's production facilities, where the drives are put together in automated processes. Once order is placed, it will be processed and shipped within eleven working days.