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Computar lenses have set the world standard through pioneering design, manufacture and global sales. Introduced in the USA during the mid-1970s, Computar lenses have continued to meet security challenges globally for more than 30 years. Our lens product line includes megapixel, telecentric, macro-zoom, IR and other lenses for industry, military, science, video surveillance, machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, life sciences and defense. Custom optical design and manufacturing are available for special applications.

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Computar® Introduces the i-CS Lens Technology

POSTED 06/14/2016

The intelligent i-CS lens features open protocol technology allowing it to directly exchange information with the new high-end fixed cameras. The i-CS lens combines high performance optics with quick & easy installation and intuitive configuration.

i-CS lensCary, NC - Computar®, the leading Japanese lens manufacturer operated by CBC Group, has launched new concept CS mount varifocal lenses, AG3Z2812TCS-MPWIR  (1/2.7” f=2.8-8.5mm, F1.2, IR corrected lens capable of 8MP sensor) and EG3Z3915TCS-MPWIR (1/1.8” f=3.9-10mm, F1.5, IR corrected lens capable of 12MP sensor) integrated with its newly developed ”i-CS lens technology”. This latest “Intelligent to Interact” technology is based on an open protocol standard as the result of a joint development between Computar® and Axis Communications AB.

“Normally, CS mount varifocal lenses require the user to manually fine-tune the zoom and focus. The new i-CS lens has stepping motors inside allowing the zoom, accurate focus and P-Iris control to be remotely adjusted for easy installation at high resolution surveillance.” according to Mr. Takuya Ogawa, Director of Product Development, Computar®. “The advantages of the i-CS lens are not limited to easy installation. The i-CS lens stores specific information in built-in memory and can exchange information with the camera through a cable using the I2C protocol.”

The i-CS compatible camera has the ability to call up lens-specific information on demand delivering the optimal video quality and application specific functions for the selected video surveillance environment. i-CS lens technology optimizes the optical performance by integrating a variety of new features including; distortion correction, the ability to focus and zoom simultaneously, reproducing same lens setting, re-adjusting focus when temperature changes and displaying the present focal length.

i-CS lens:

  • Lens type, identification
  • Present position for zoom, focus and iris
  • Tracking curves relation between focal length and focus position
  • Change in distortion by focal length
  • Change in peripheral illumination by focal length
  • Change in the F-stop value by focal length and iris position
  • Change in resolution by focal length and iris position
  • Change in focus shift in the visible / IR light by focal length
  • Operating environment temperature of lens
  • Change in focus shift by temperature
  • Accurate flange back position
  • Additional intelligent features

The “i-CS lens” can fulfill its functions only when it’s combined with “i-CS” lens compatible camera.  Accordingly, Computar® developed “i-CS” communication protocol and its dedicated connector plug with Axis Communications. Computar® and Axis disclose these specifications of “i-CS” protocol and connector plug to other makers, in order to standardize them and generalize this new technology to the worldwide video market.  

AG3Z2812TCS-MPWIR and EG3Z3915TCS-MPWIR are the first models in a series of Computar® i-CS intelligent lenses.

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Beginning in the 1970s, Computar operated by the CBC Group, has set the pace, pioneering new and innovative lenses that out-class the competition at every turn. With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering and agile production facilities spanning the globe, we operate under a dual mandate to create the highest-quality optics product. 

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