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Computar lenses have set the world standard through pioneering design, manufacture and global sales. Introduced in the USA during the mid-1970s, Computar lenses have continued to meet security challenges globally for more than 30 years. Our lens product line includes megapixel, telecentric, macro-zoom, IR and other lenses for industry, military, science, video surveillance, machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, life sciences and defense. Custom optical design and manufacturing are available for special applications.

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Computar Introduces New 1/2.7" Format 3.1-8mm Full HD Megapixel Lens

POSTED 01/31/2012

g class="" hspace="7" alt="CBC America Computar AG3Z3112FCS-MPIR lens" align="right" width="125" height="139" src="/userAssets/aiaUploads/Image/CBS_Computar.jpg" />Computar® launched the industry's FIRST EVER 1/2.7" 3 Megapixel Lens. The AG3Z3112FCS-MPIR ("A" Series) 3.1-8mm  F1.2 varifocal lens is designed to be compatible with the industry's most common 1/2.7" megapixel camera sensor. It features a unique optical design assuring optimal performance with HD megapixel camera applications.
  • 3 Megapixel DC Auto Iris Varifocal.  This lens was designed from ground up to capture precise detail in critical security applications.  High quality optics maximize performance with 3 megapixel camera sensors, providing a sharp image in both center and corners of the image plane.
  • Full HD Format. Standard megapixel lenses often display soft or distorted images on the edges of an HD sensor.  By enlarging the image circle design, this series is fully compatible with 720p and 1080p 16:9 format image sensors as well as the standard format 4:3 sensors.
  •  Precise Focus Adjustment. Setting the focus on megapixel IP cameras has been a challenge, especially when working with a limited adjustment range and transmission delays through a network.  The focus mechanism on this series has been redesigned to allow more precise focus control.  The focus ring rotates a full 180 degrees for better fine-tuning.  
  • IR Corrected Optics.  Megapixel cameras utilizing a retractable IR cut filter must use IR corrected lenses to avoid focus shift.  Our lenses are designed to work with these true day/night cameras, maintaining sharp focus in both day and night mode even when IR illumination up to 950 nm is deployed.  
  • Corner Brightness.  Advanced optical design provides for exceptional brightness in the corners of the image, enhancing overall picture quality and sharpness throughout the image plane.