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AT – Automation Technology is a global technology leader in the field of special imaging sensors. We develop and produce smart infrared cameras, 3D sensors, and sensor solutions for process automation as well as monitoring and inspection tasks.

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Compact & Ruggedized 3D Sensors (IP67)

POSTED 02/01/2013

With the launch of the C2 Series, AT – Automation Technology’s presents a new generation of high-speed 3D sensors. The C2 models are based on a new slim design that reduces weight and size as well as the pricing.

The new camera series consists of the models C2-640-GigE, C2-2040-GigE and C2-2040HS-GigE which mainly differ in its specifications of resolution and measuring speed. The C2-2040HS-GigE comes with a resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels and delivers a profile frequency of max. 32 kHz. The C2-640-GigE on the other hand features a sensor with 648 x 488 pixels and reaches a measuring speed of up to 22 kHz.
The new C2 series features a compact housing of only 40x40x47mm, which makes it unbeatable compared to standard high-speed 3D cameras. In addition, the housing is equipped with the protection class IP67 and due its easy handling and low costs, the C2 camera series is the perfect solution for a wide range of different 3D applications.
Furthermore, the C2 models adopt many characteristics of the approved C4 series. For example, the new 3D cameras feature a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE-Vision standard. In conjunction with the GenICam protocol, the configuration is done fast and simple via Plug n’ Play and thus enables the user and his imaging software to access the 3D camera as simple as to a conventional 2D camera. Thanks to the new and revolutionary functions of Automatic-AOI-Tracking, Automatic-AOI-Search and Autostart, the C2 camera family particularly stands out with many sophisticated 3D-Scan features.