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Coherix develops 3D sensing process control for dispensing applications. Our 3D sensing provides eyes with depth perception for robots, enabling customers to manage complex manufacturing processes. Coherix produces the highest performance solutions, which also have the lowest total cost of ownership. Our customers are in the automotive and electronics industries and are large global end-users, line builders, dispensing equipment companies and vision integrator .

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Coherix Conducts 3-D and Multispectral Machine Vision and Metrology Developments under Contracts and Grants from Industrial and Government Clients

POSTED 02/23/2011

erix's R&D Business Unit is successfully conducting advanced custom 3D and multispectral machine vision and metrology solution developments under contracts from industry and government clients. Surface dimensional defects, shape deviations, and material content detection and measurements to the micron level are accomplished at high operating speeds, thereby providing improved productivity, quality and cost-competitiveness for end-users of the technologies.

Coherix Successfully Conducts Custom Vision Developments

Ann Arbor, MI - Coherix, Inc. in Ann Arbor Michigan, which delivers three families of advanced 3-dimensional non-contact metrology and inspection products to the automotive and semiconductor industries, has added a business unit focused upon executing contract and grant developments of advanced custom machine vision and metrology solutions. The Coherix R&D business unit has received four major contracts from government and industrial clients who need practical but challenging optical measurement and inspection solutions, for developing vision capabilities significantly beyond what “off-the-shelf” products can provide.

Coherix R&D’s custom developments include:

    *     Detection of micron-level subtle defects in large or small curved surfaces,
    *     Perceptive multispectral discrimination of surface contaminants, corrosion or material variations,
    *     High-speed 3-dimensional sensing systems for unique electronic and semiconductor inspection applications,
    *     Holographic measurement of micron/submicron-level surface defects on interior difficult-to-reach surfaces.

The Coherix R&D business unit’s machine vision and metrology tech base and expertise are derived from its engineering team’s research and development during up to 5 decades at Ann Arbor Imaging-based companies and institutes and the University of Michigan and elsewhere. Their innovations in holographic interferometry, multispectral remote sensing, 3-dimensional metrology algorithms and laser applications have combined to create an exceptional R&D resource, providing clients improved quality, productivity and manufacturing competitiveness.

No vision or metrology task is too difficult for Coherix R&D to consider attacking with the most accurate and perceptive automated illumination, sensing, vision algorithmic, software engineering and computer control tools available. Through its research relationships and internal developments, Coherix R&D follows the exponential rate at which vision technology is advancing. Those advancing capabilities can be more economically delivered every year for diverse industrial, scientific and government applications.

For more information, visit our web sites, call 734-922-4066. or visit us at 3980 Ranchero Drive, Ann Arbor, MI.