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CIS Corporation is a development-oriented manufacturer of cameras for use in various applications. The advanced CIS camera line includes high-performance cameras with CIS original ISP, state-of-the-art “Clairvu engine™” for superb imaging quality and high speed processing. We provide FPGA IP or software license as well as compact size, high-resolution, high-speed cameras. The product design philosophy of CIS is driven by industry requirements and offers products with the most advanced technology.

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CIS Corporation Announces Three North American Distributors for Machine Vision Cameras

POSTED 03/14/2012

About CIS Corp
CIS was founded in 1978 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. CIS has been recognized as a leading manufacturer and a packaging leader in the industrial camera field for 27 years. While historically focused in the Japanese market, CIS has been a key contributor to the manufacture of private-label cameras and technology for many global top-tier camera suppliers. They have received certification for ISO 9001 and 14001, and have been authorized as a Sony Corporation 'Green Partner.'

Leading Distributors
CIS Corporation, a leading supplier of industrial-grade machine vision cameras, has alliances with three select distributors serving the North American market for machine vision products.  CIS's distribution partners offer immediate availability of CIS's versatile lineup of quality high-speed, high-density industrial cameras for machine vision applications. The three distributors selected by CIS are Aegis Electronic Group; Motion Analysis Inc.; and Phase 1 Technology Corp

Extensive lineup of Machine Vision cameras
CIS offers a broad lineup of Machine Vision cameras to match diverse machine vision requirements. These range from the cost-effective VCC-G20 series analog cameras to the new VCC-GM60/FM60FV series, ultra high resolution (45M/125M for B/W and 45M/5M 3CCD equivalent for color) cameras. All CIS cameras are configured in exceptionally high-density packaging, delivering high-speed and high-performance operation in an extremely small footprint.

CIS cameras are developed with an unwavering devotion to quality. Every CIS camera is tested individually to ensure reliable and accurate performance in demanding 24/7 machine vision environments such as semiconductor manufacturing plants, assembly lines, and industrial robotics systems. 
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