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Chinese Inspection Machine Maker Fined for False Advertising as a Result of Installing Used Navitar Lenses in New Machines

POSTED 07/18/2014

itar, Inc. reports the Ningbo Beilun District Bureau of Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC), in Zhejiang province, China, has issued an Administrative Punishment and imposed a fine of RMB 10,000 to Chinese metrology machine maker, Ningbo Xinyue Instrument Co., Ltd for falsely advertising on its website, advertisements and brochures and claiming their metrology inspection machines include Navitar trademarked video microscope lenses as components, when in fact, Ningbo was installing used, second-hand, Navitar optics instead.

Ningbo Xinyue Instrument Co., Ltd was delivered the Notice of Administrative Punishment on June 16, 2014 in which the local AIC Bureau outlined its decision that the company had violated Paragraph One of Article 9 of the Anti-unfair Competition Law of the PRC [Businesses shall not use advertisement or other methods to falsely propagandize the quality, composition, function, usage, producer, time of efficacy and place of origin and cause misunderstanding], as well as Item One of Article 56 of the Circular Economy Promotion Law of PRC [Selling recycled electrical and electronic products without the label of recycled product].

Navitar, Inc’s President, Julian Goldstein explains Navitar’s actions in China, “The recent discovery of second-hand Navitar lenses being installed into equipment advertised as new proved to us that our actions against these companies are crucial in protecting our company’s reputation, and to safeguard consumers at all levels from being cheated and misled.” He went on to give an example, “Imagine you purchase a shiny new 2014 automobile and then later find out it’s been equipped with a ten year old engine under the hood. Wouldn’t you feel cheated?”

Mr. Goldstein added, “Navitar and our attorneys, Kangda Law Firm in Shanghai, have several other pending legal actions in China against local Chinese manufacturing firms and their individual owners. The Chinese government is taking our fight against intellectual property infringement very seriously. To date, Navitar has been very satisfied with the response of the various Chinese government agencies that we and our attorneys have dealt with. We hope that our case will be a guiding model for other American companies on how to protect their legal interests when doing business with China.”

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