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Benefited from team's expertise in professional product design, quick delivery and strong engineering support, Vzense has delivered around one hundred thousand ToF products globally and implemented customized solutions for customers from United States, EU, Japan and China.

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Celebrating Our Success as a Leading Time-of-Flight Camera Provider and Partnership with Han's Robot

POSTED 06/21/2023

Today, we are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Han's Robot, a renowned player in the robotics sector. This collaboration signifies a monumental milestone that will revolutionize various industries, opening up new horizons of possibility and propelling us into a future filled with endless opportunities.

 Vzense Technology: Shaping the Future of ToF Camera

At Vzense Technology, we have emerged as a frontrunner in the development and production of cutting-edge ToF 3D cameras. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has allowed us to reshape imaging systems by harnessing the principles of measuring light travel time. This technology enables us to achieve unparalleled 3D depth sensing camera and 3D imaging capabilities. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of computer vision and human-machine interaction, spearheading transformative innovations across a wide range of sectors.

Vzense ToF cameras have found applications in gesture recognition, facial authentication, object tracking, and indoor mapping, revolutionizing user experiences and redefining industry standards.