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OPTICS - IMAGING - AUTOMATION Opto manufacturers unique Compact embedded Imaging Modules with on board Camera/Lens/Light/Intelligence as one unit with one wire, ´plug and play` to machine builders and OEMs for industrial and biomedical applications. Opto reduces all solutions to their needs in Size, Weight, Price to add maximized Value for the Photonic and Machine Vision Markets.

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Calibration Target Micro with honing angle is the latest addition to Opto's portfolio of calibration targets and object micrometers

POSTED 07/13/2020

Optical calibration and resolution testing are critical metrics in understanding and optimizing any optical system

Calibration target Micro with honing angle

Calibration Target Micro with honing angle is now available for our customers. The honing angle is DKD-certified.

In contrast to the Target Micro V1, the Calibration Target Mico with honing angle in the 4th quadrant contains a 30° honing angle incl. certificate.

The target contains the following defined structures:

1. 10 lp/mm to 1000 lp/mm

2. Ø20 μm dot matrix 40x40 dots, 100 μm grid

3. positive, negative dots and Siemens star

4. honing angle 30° with certificate

5. scale with steps up to 10 μm

Article-Number: 045-200217

Opto's bestseller and most important calibration target is Calibration Target Micro V1

Calibration Target Micro V1 is unique in that it combines very useful resolution data, combined with ultra-high definition micro features, together enabling efficient and accurate optimization of any optical setup.

 • Ultra-high definition micro features, compatible to the most demanding optical calibration requirements

 • Four unique quadrants combining resolution targets to measurement scales

• Optional with DKD-certificate

The target contains defined structures in different shapes and sizes for easy system calibration and distortion detection.

  1. 10 lp/mm to 1000 lp/mm

  2. Ø20 μm dot matrix 40x40 dots,100 μm grid

  3. Contrast and Siemens structure

  4. Ø10 μm dot matrix 40x40 dots, 50 μm grid

  5. Scale with steps down to 10 μm 

Article-Number: 045-200200

Article-Number with DKD-certificate: 045-200200-DKD10

Calibration Target Micro V1Calibration target Micro V1
storage case DKD-certificate
All targets are delivered in a dedicated storage case Calibration target Micro V1, Stage Micrometer, and Particle Target are each available with DKD-certificate
Stage Micrometer


Opto's Stage Micrometer is a helpful tool for calibration purposes especially for calibration of measurement software

- glass measuring scale 50 mm in 0.1 mm and 0.01 mm
- Calibration of measurement software

The stage micrometer is also available with DKD Certification.


Article-Number: 010-310345

Article-Number with DKD-certificate: 010-310345-2


Resolution Test Target

Test targets (also called test charts, test samples or resolution test patterns) are used to determine the efficiency of optical systems. They are used to determine resolution, MTF, depth of field, distortion and telecentricity.

It is necessary to test and calibrate every single system for comparative measurements, especially when dealing with several measuring systems of the same type.

Article-Number: 100-TA-005

Resolution Test Target
Particle Standard Target

For a long time Opto offers Particle Standard Target for Residual Pollution Analysis, which features chrome structures on glass, with different structures in sizes (6 μm –1025 μm), different shapes to verify the correct calculation of structure parameters, including a scale in x- and y-position. This target is also available with DKD-Certificate.

Article-Number: 043-102302-72

Article-Number with DKD-certificate: 043-102302-75

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For 40 years, Opto GmbH has been a manufacturer of high reliability, embedded vision and inspection solutions to some of the most challenging machine-integrated imaging applications. Opto provides high-performance imaging solutions ranging from simple vision components all the way to complex imaging modules and subsystems. Most recently, Opto has developed a range of highly compact embedded imaging modules specifically for OEMs involved in building industrial and biomedical machines. With onboard cameras, lens, light, and electronic control interface, the Opto Viewer software. Opto’s new fully integrated imaging modules enable OEMs to instantly achieve the very highest image performance and resolution, without the need for specialist optical expertise.