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Bodine Electric Company is a leading manufacturer of fractional horsepower (FHP = less than 1 HP/746 watts) small gearmotors, motors and motor speed controls in North America. Bodine Electric offers over 1,400 standard products, and thousands of custom gearmotor solutions.

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Bodine Electric launches new Hypoid PMDC Gearmotor Series

POSTED 07/29/2020

Bodine Electric Company introduces sixty (60) new type 33A7-25H2 and 33A7-30H3 hollow-shaft, right-angle hypoid PMDC gearmotors. These integral geared motors combine Bodine’s high-performance type 33A7 permanent magnet DC motor with two new hypoid gearheads. They are the ideal drive solution for applications that require compact size, quiet operation, high torque-density, and low energy consumption. Typical applications include conveyors, pumps, packaging, industrial automation and wide range of solar- or battery-powered equipment. 

Efficient, High-Torque Hypoid Gearmotors

More efficient than comparable worm-gear models, Bodine’s new hypoid gearmotors can deliver up to 1535 lb-in (173 Nm) torque while using 40-60% less energy than a same-size worm gearmotor. Side-by-side tests have shown that hypoid gearmotors can run as much as 15% cooler than worm-gear gearboxes, resulting in lower power consumption and longer lubricant life. These hypoid gearmotors can deliver the same torque with a smaller, more efficient motor compared to worm-gear boxes, resulting in a smaller mounting footprint, and the hollow-shaft design eliminates expensive shaft couplings and mounting hardware. Hardened steel gears insure long-life and maximum performance.

The initial product launch includes 60 standard models with gear ratios from 5:1 to 240:1. We offer 35 standard models with the smaller 25H2 gearhead featuring a 1.00 inch hollow shaft and ratios from 5:1 to 60:1. The larger 30H3 gearhead features a 1.25 hollow shaft and covers the gear ratios of 80:1 to 240:1.  Bodine hypoid gearmotors are available with low-voltage (12 or 24 VDC), “SCR rated” (90 VDC or 180 VDC), and standard (130 VDC) windings. Rated torque ranges from 20 lb-in (2.2 Nm) to 1535 lb-in (173 Nm).

Gearmotor Accessories - Hypoid gearmotor accessories include shaft kits, shaft cover kits (non-extension side), base/foot mount brackets for both gearheads, and an optional screw-in encoder shaft and encoder mounting options.


Bodine PMDC Hypoid gearmotors and their corresponding accessory kits are available through Bodine’s extensive distributor network or from the Bodine web site. Custom options are available to qualified OEMs. Typical OEM modifications include factory installed encoders or brakes, custom windings or wire harnesses, application-specific mounting options, or higher degrees of environmental protection.