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Founded in 1921, Ross Controls develops and produces high quality pneumatic valves & systems. It has over sixty years of experience designing & producing monitored redundant valves for safety applications. The DM2 is the latest control-reliable valve series for category 4 applications. The SV series has integrated double pole double throw switch to verify valve function for category 2 and 3 applications. For pneumatic energy isolation, the L-O-X® series provides a full line of manual lockout products. Ross safety-related products meet or exceed the global safety requirements for machine safeguarding and energy isolation and are supported by Ross' experienced global safety team. For robotic innovation, Ross developed one of the most advanced proportional pressure regulation units for faster, more precise robotic coating and dispensing applications, while reducing paint consumption, overspray and VOCs.

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BG Certifies ROSS' DM1 and DM2® Series E Size 2 Double Valves

POSTED 02/28/2013

OY, MI) – ROSS CONTROLS is pleased to announce that its CAT-3 DM1 Series E and CAT-4 DM2® Series E size two double valves have received third-party certification from the BG (Berufsgenossenschaften– German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). On September 14, 2012, the BG deemed the DM1 Series E and DM2® Series E size two products suitable for DIN ES ISO 138491 PL d and DIN ES ISO 138491 PL e (respectively) applications. These certificates are available on the ROSS web site or upon request from ROSS Customer Services.

All valves in the ROSS DM1 and DM2® product lines meet global requirements for machine safety and are commonly used for exhausting the downstream air to help meet stop-time requirements in machine guarding applications. Because many safety systems incorrectly focus solely on the electrical design and overlook mechanical elements, ROSS created the DM1 and DM2® pneumatic double valve families to address this issue knowing that effective safety systems do not end at the wire.

The DM1 Series E valves combine monitoring and airflow control functions into two identical valve elements for control category 3 applications. If asynchronous movement of valve elements occurs during actuation or deactuation, the valve exhausts downstream air which results in a residual outlet pressure of less than 1% of supply.

For enhanced performance and value, the DM2® Series E products integrate memory into this combination for control category 4 applications. DM2® pneumatic safety valves lock out due to asynchronous movement of valve elements during actuation or deactuation, also resulting in a residual outlet pressure of less than one percent of supply. Deliberate action is then required for reset, and reset can only be accomplished by applying a remote air signal or by energizing the integrated electrical (solenoid) reset.

These ROSS safety valves are inline mounted and are available in 1/4” to 3/8” ports sizes with NPT or BSPP threads. Silencers are included (attached to the valve’s 1/2 exhaust port) and optional status indicators are also available. For more information or for a free brochure about the DM1 or DM2® Series E double valves, contact your local ROSS distributor, ROSS Customer Service or visit ROSS' web site.

Established and headquartered in Michigan since 1921, ROSS CONTROLS is an international designer and ISO-certified manufacturer of pneumatic valves and controls systems.  An innovative and driving force in the pneumatic safety industry for over 50 years, ROSS focuses on tailored technology to provide customers with a distinct value advantage. ROSS has subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, France, and China plus 145 worldwide stocking distributors. 

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