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BEST Robotics Team Explores Automation and Robotics at MCRI

POSTED 06/19/2014

Vanguard BEST Robotics TeamSkilled manufacturing jobs with knowledge in using CNC (computerized numerical controls), PLC (programmable logic controls), and 3-D printers are in high demand. The use of automation in manufacturing facilities across the United States has been steadily rising each year by about 8%.

In Fremont, Ohio the Vanguard-Sentinel Career Center is preparing students for a bright future in automated manufacturing through their BEST Robotics program. Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology (BEST) gives students the background and excitement they need to further explore the extensive areas of automation and robotics available and needed today.

MCRI supports the Vanguard BEST Robotics Team in their travels to BEST robotics' regional competitions. This past fall they competed in Fargo, North Dakota where they brought home the BEST Simulink Design Award. You can view Vanguard BEST Robotics promo video to learn more about their program.

At the conclusion of the tour, the team proudly posed in front of the FANUC M2000iA robot, the largest, most powerful six-axis robot in the world. If you would like to learn more about automation or would like a chance to see the largest robot in the world, contact our sales group.