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Technosoft is a leading gloval manufacturer of motion control products, offering intelligent OEM drive solutions for universal control of AC servo, Stepper, and CD Motors. All products are fully programmable, enabling distributed control via RS232, RS485, CANopen, and EtherCAT networks. A full compliment of software tools, including EasyMotion Studio and host level libraries are offered to speed development of motion and machine control applications.

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Best In Class Motion Controllers From Technosoft

POSTED 09/29/2021

Technosoft presents the new family of iPOS-Z drives. With a dedicated CPU designed for motion control applications using EtherCAT communication, the iPOS-Z drives support as well CAN, USB and RS232. Having nominal currents of 10A and 15A rms at 48V and 80V, these drives will control motors up to 750w for the plug-in/connectorized versions and 1.2 kw in case of the closed frame unit.

High control bandwidths - up to 10 kHz EtherCAT and position loop – make the iPOS-Z series suitable for applications where movements with extreme dynamic are required (robotic, semiconductor). The compact size and high current capabilities (40A peak current) will apply to machine builders where space and power are critical elements. Reduced cabling due to support of a variety of absolute encoders and dual loop architectures for backlash compensation as well as STO (SIL3/Cat3/PLe) complete the benefits offered by the implementation of Technosoft drives in motion control applications.

Technosoft drives are known for their unique versatility expressed by the two famous phrasings that have resonance in the French culture:

All for one – motion controller and drive in one single unit

One for all – one drive for all motor technologies (brushed, brushless, step or linear)

The iPOS-Z drives developed by Technosoft situated on the shores of the Lake of Neuchâtel continue and enforce the strengths and advantages offered by the above capabilities of the intelligent drives – concept that the company has pioneered over 25 years ago.

For further information, please contact Technosoft Team:

Avenue des Alpes 20, CH-2000 Neuchatel

Tel.: +41 (0)32 732 55 00