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beat Area Scan Camera Series

POSTED 11/12/2014

The cameras feature 12 MP high resolution in combination with more than 60 frames per second.

Basler beat area scan camera seriesAhrensburg – The camera specialist Basler introduces a new cost-effective area scan family of cameras called Basler beat. The Basler beat series is available with a  very  sensitive CMOS sensor CMV12000 by CMOSIS and a Camera Link interface. It features both a mono (beA4000-60km) and a color model (beA4000-60kc) with a full resolution of 12 megapixels with progressive scan and global shutter technology. The new series offers high speed with more than 60 frames per second and high throughput through its Camera Link interface.

The Basler beat offers a compact and rugged housing for safe and simple integration, and comes with a range of reliable accessories. The cameras are an ideal fit for all kinds of metrology and identification tasks. Typical applications include semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. With their high resolution, they also shine in traffic applications (ITS) such as license plate recognition, being able to cover multiple lanes with only one camera.

Product Manager Björn Weber explains: ”The Basler beat impresses with superior image quality even at high image capture rates and high resolution. With its outstanding price/performance ratio it’s ideal for price-sensitive applications where high speed and high resolution are a must.”

Basler beat cameras are compliant with industry standards such as Camera Link and GenICam.  Based on the GenICam standard, Basler’s free pylon Camera Software Suite operates with all models of the beat series, allowing for quick access to all features and optimal operation of the camera.