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Basler is Pushing USB3 Vision Standard – First Cameras in 2012

POSTED 11/17/2011

Camera specialist Basler has been spearheading the development of a new standard for industrial cameras, software and accessories, USB3 Vision, since September. Introduction of the standard is planned for 2012. Upon completion of the USB3 Vision standard Basler will offer standard compliant USB 3.0 cameras.

The aim of the USB3 Vision committee’s work is to make the USB 3.0 interface industry-suited similar to Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link or IEEE 1394. To become a successful interface in the industrial area, it has to be implemented physically and logically in a standard so that all components like cameras, accessories, and software and work seamlessly together.

Henning Tiarks, Head of Product Management at Basler explains: “Basler as a leading supplier for industrial cameras has pushed forward all standardizations so far. Therefore, for us it was self-evident to get involved in the USB3 Vision standard as well. Our customers can rely one hundred per cent on Basler that our USB 3.0 cameras coming forth next year will be compliant with this standard and will work perfectly with other products following the standard.” 

Basler is convinced that USB 3.0 will gradually establish next to Gigabit Ethernet as an important interface technology for applications in the fields of industry, medicine and traffic. This interface combines some interesting features: It transmits bandwidths up to 300 megabytes/second, supports plug and play and is real-time capable. With these benefits USB 3.0 has a good chance to take hold next to GigE as a user-friendly interface for mainstream applications while GigE continues to offer technical advantages with regard to cable length (100 m) and multi camera capability as well as a wide acceptance in the market.

Basler is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial applications, medical devices, traffic systems, and the video surveillance market. Product designs are driven by industry requirements and offer easy integration, compact size, and a very strong price/performance ratio. These characteristics are the decisive factors allowing Basler to hold a leading position in the GigE Vision arena today. Founded in 1988, Basler has more than 20 years of experience in vision technologies and offers one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry. The company employs around 300 people at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, as well as in international subsidiaries and offices in the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

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