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Axelent is a premier manufacturer of safety partitioning and mesh wall systems for robotic and material handling applications with products sold in over 52 countries worldwide. Based on a modular design our system is arguably the most flexible and versatile safety partitioning system on the market today. Through innovative factory automation we are committed to provide our customers the very best in quality and cost efficiency … and because we are global, you can rest assured that our products conforms to the latest European Machine Directive, as well as the new ISO and ANSI/RIA #R15.06.200X safety standards. Speed, know-how and a can-do attitude drive everything we do.

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Axelent Inc. Introduces X-GUARD© Contour

POSTED 06/05/2012

rong>The Evolution Continues…

Axelent’s commitment to quality and innovation marks us the first to launch machine guards with rounded corners – X-GUARD© Contour.
As we continuously adapt our machine guards and other products to the requirements and requests of our customers, we push the limits of excellence with yet another quality product for you.
In today’s market, delivering machine guards that comply with all safety and function requirements and directives is crucial. We at Axelent integrate speed and intelligent solutions to our products to differentiate us as a supplier and to build our brand.
The industry has previously only focused on function and not form. The guard has only been seen as a necessity. With a typical manufacturing process that is adapted to a specific product form, it makes it easy to become complacent.
We at Axelent are forward thinkers and innovators. We never settle for acceptable and are always driving for exceptional. We strive to continuously develop our core products and find new perspectives outside of the norm.
With that, we welcome X-GUARD© Contour to the marketplace. 
  • Available in various angles (45° and 90°)
  • Panels and accessories are thesame as Axelent’s X-Guard© 
Axelent is a global manufacturer and respected industry leader with cutting-edge production technology on award-winning perimeter safety fencing products that exceed worldwide safety standards.