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ATI Celebrates 20 Years of Robotic End-Effector Innovation

POSTED 11/12/2009

ATI Celebrates 20 years of Robotic End Effector InnovationTwenty years ago a group of experienced engineers came together to design and manufacture robotic end-effector products. We had one goal in mind; treat customers like we would want to be treated. With this in mind we strove to design the best products possible and offer them at very competitive prices. As engineers we didn't stop engineering once we had a great product -- we keep improving our products to last longer, work in harsher environments, and lower the cost. We backed up these products with fast deliveries and plenty of support. Our engineering staff grew, and we have taken on hundreds of special projects to meet many challenging robotic tooling application requirements. Our engineers have made car assembly easier, aircraft manufacturing safer and more productive, assisted in medical breakthroughs, and helped packaging manufacturers improve productivity. For twenty years we have continued to expand our products and our engineering capabilities. Our engineers have a diverse background with decades of experience, which has given us the needed resources to be successful. We look forward to treating our customers like we would want to be treated for another twenty years.