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ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. has been offering products and solutions for assembly since 1976. With headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) subsidiaries in Shanghai (China) and Mumbai (India) , and sales offices in Mexico and Europe, ASG offers a complete line of torque control screwdrivers, workstation accessories, production aides, and precision fastening equipment through ASG Assembly, Industrial, Precision Fastening, and Automation Product Groups. ASG Automation was developed in 2015. The ASG Automation group provides pre-engineered and custom solutions to meet the comprehensive expectations of their clients. Underpinned by world class knowledge of threaded fastening, ASG’s systems are distinctive in their operation; providing market leading precision. With robust elements of flexibility and expansion built in, the systems are designed to persevere life cycle changes to provide customers with longevity in an automated solution.

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ASG Launches Ultimate Torque Converter App

POSTED 02/04/2019

Cleveland, Ohio – Worldwide manufacturer and provider of torque products and assembly solutions, ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc., is proud to release its first ever mobile application – the Torque Converter App. The app was designed to quickly and easily convert a single torque unit to another type of unit measurement. A user can type in a value in the proper units field, and the app will convert it instantly and accurately into 8 other torque units. These torque units include imperial and metric units. 

“My goal was to create an easy-to-use torque converter, simple and without any unnecessary clicks or drop down menus” states ASG Web Developer Aldo Soraluz. “Not only is it a useful tool for our team internally, but is an excellent resource for all those in the torque industry.” 

The ASG Torque Converter app was designed for Apple and Android users and can be found on the Apple and Google Play stores under ASG Torque Converter. The app is free to download.  The torque converter tool can also be found on the ASG website at