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For over 30 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to see the bigger picture. Allied Vision supplies camera technology and image capture solutions for industrial inspection, science, medicine, traffic monitoring and many more application areas in digital imaging. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, Allied Vision finds individual solutions for every application, a practice which has made Allied Vision one of the leading camera manufacturers worldwide in the machine vision market.

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Allied Vision Celebrates 25th Anniversary with New Brand Presence

POSTED 11/04/2014

VISION 2014 in Stuttgart, Allied Vision Technologies will unveil its new brand identity. This move is more than a merely cosmetic one, according to President & CEO Frank Grube.

At VISION 2014, camera manufacturer Allied Vision will surprise the imaging world with a all-new brand identity: new name, new logo…and a new strategic focus.

Allied Vision Technologies becomes Allied Vision
Effective immediately, the company will be known as Allied Vision, a briefer and more focused name that will not only save keystrokes but will, most importantly, deliver a strong message, as Frank Grube, President & CEO of the company explained: “With the focus on Allied Vision, we’re sending a signal. Sure, we’re a technology company, but technology is only a means to an end. What matters to us is that we help our customers to realize their vision. This partnership-based approach is wonderfully illustrated by our name Allied Vision.”

The new logo visually expresses this partnership as well. The stylized, interwoven letters A and V symbolize the symbiotic cooperation between Allied Vision and its customers.

Reflecting on the essentials: the customer and his application
This new brand identity is more than a pure cosmetic alteration or a marketing gag, Grube continued.  “We engaged with this topic very intensively, did market research, and surveyed our customers…to answer this question: what makes us unique, and what can we build our future success on?  The answer was clear and unambiguous: Allied Vision has risen in 25 years to a global market leader because we don’t just provide outstanding products and technologies, but more so because we foster very close, trustworthy cooperation with our customers.”

In future, the company will concentrate even more strongly on providing its customers with the best imaging solutions and the best service in the industry. Alongside innovative technology and the highest product quality, skilled and personalized consultation beyond the camera – such as lenses or other accessories – is a key component of that focus. Allied Vision customers also value the reliable and efficient support given years after purchasing a camera.

“We owe our success of the last 25 years to our extraordinary proximity to our customers and to our deep understanding for their individual needs. We want to reflect on these strengths and remain the uncontested market leader in the future in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction. That is our premium standard,” said Grube.