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Alabama Robotics Technology Park set to open with November 10th Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony

POSTED 11/09/2010

ABB involved since the initial planning stages, provides robots and access to instructors for classroom instruction and manufacturing training line

Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) and Calhoun Community College will celebrate the Phase I Grand Opening of the Alabama Robotics Technology Park (RTP) with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on November 10th, 2010 at 10:30 a.m.   The event is open to the public, and will be held at the new Robotic Maintenance Training Center, located at 6505 US Highway 31 in Tanner, Alabama.   The vision of the RTP is to educate and train men and women in emerging robotics and automation technologies and position Alabama as a leader in industrial robotics.  Phase I of the initiative is the completion of the 52,000 sq ft Robotic Maintenance Training Center, which will house robotic maintenance and programming training featuring an array of robotic and automation equipment and prominent robotic industry trainers.  ABB Robotics has been a lead partner in the development of the RTP having been involved since the initial planning meetings over three years ago. 

In addition to ongoing consulting support, ABB has provided robots and related equipment for both the manufacturing training line and classroom instruction at the RTP.  The drilling portion of the manufacturing line will feature an ABB IRB 2400-16Kg robot to manipulate and position plastic blocks before and after drilling. The system also includes ABB’s proprietary TrueView vision system and an end-of-arm gripper assembly.  
ABB instructors will collaborate with the RTP by delivering training classes to AIDT students.  In addition, ABB will offer ABB customer training at the ARTP.  ABB has consigned three smaller IRB 140 robots, one large IRB 6400 robot and a Universal Small Cell flexible work station to the ARTP for hands-on training labs.  The classes include robotic programming, welding, maintenance, vision systems and RobotStudio system simulation.
“ABB is pleased to partner with the Alabama Robotics Technology Park, and we salute Governor Bob Riley and the others involved for bringing their vision to life,” said Joe Campbell, vice president of the ABB Robot Products Group in the US.  “The depth of the curriculum bodes well for the future of advanced manufacturing training, and the penetration of industrial robots in automating plants, warehouses and other commercial operations in Alabama and beyond.”

The complete plan for the RTP includes two future phases.  Phase II is the Advanced Technology and Development Center for the research, development and testing of leading edge robotics for military projects and space exploration.  Phase III is the Integration and Entrepreneurial Center, a collaborative consolidation of higher education and industry allowing companies to build and adapt robots for new applications.

For more information on the open house and the training programs offered by the Alabama RTP please visit or call 256-461-7550.

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