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Adimec Introduces Latest Vita 25k and CMV12000 Based High-Resolution Cameras and Other Imaging Innovations at ITE 2012

POSTED 11/26/2012

rong>Finally enabling efficient use of latest sensor technology in high precision applications

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands --  Adimec (, a world leader in application-specific, leading-edge industrial camera solutions, will showcase its portfolio of machine vision products and technology at the International Technical Exhibition (ITE) in Yokohama, Japan 5-7 December.  The company will introduce and demonstrate additions to its latest CMOS-based QUARTZ and SAPPHIRE camera series including:

  • The new Adimec SAPPHIRE S-25A45, 25 Megapixel camera running up to 45 fps
  • The new QUARTZ Q-12A65, 12 Megapixel camera acquiring images up to 66 fps
  • The QUARTZ Qs series including the Qs-4A70/CXP, small footprint camera with 4 Megapixels up to 68 fps over CoaXPress
  • Enhancements to the QUARTZ series, including the already successful Quartz Q-4A180 (4 megapixel @ 180 fps)
Ultra high-resolution cameras
The SAPPHIRE S-25A45, the latest member of the new CMOS-based SAPPHIRE series, is based on ON Semiconductor’s VITA 25k image sensor. Adimec developed the new SAPPHIRE series camera platform especially for OEMs of metrology and inspection equipment who require ultra high-resolution images at high speeds. As part of Adimec True Accurate Imaging®, SAPPHIRE cameras include two-directional defect pixel correction to ensure flawless images despite more defect pixels, and cluster defects inherent with ultra high-resolution sensors.  This makes it possible to effectively use CMOS sensor technology in high-precision applications.

The S-25A45 is a 25 megapixel CMOS global shutter camera and delivers images of 5120 x 5120 pixels at 45 frames per second (fps). The dual CoaXPress interface of the S-25A45/CXP camera supports the CXP-6 configuration of the standard. It utilizes two standard coaxial cables, each with a maximum transmission rate of 6 Gbps over 60 meters.  The costs of these cables are one-tenth of a single Camera Link cable, while enabling far greater transmission length of 40 meters without the additional expense of repeaters or extenders. The CoaXPress standard also supports power over cable, reducing the need for a separate power connection.

The QUARTZ Q-12A65
The Q-12A65 is the latest addition to our successful QUARTZ series utilizing CMOSIS image sensors, offering 12 Megapixels images at 66 fps.  Using a proprietary camera design for effective flat field correction and other image enhancements for linear behavior and reliable performance, the Q-12A65 offers CCD-like images. This has finally made it possible to effectively use CMOS sensor technology in electronic manufacturing systems, like semiconductor package inspection, PCB inspection and LED inspection. It is equipped with a Camera Link deca interface but also supports full configurations.
The Qs Series soon available with CoaXPress.

The Qs series of cameras is based on the same global shutter CMOS sensors and deliver the same image quality as the QUARTZ series, only in a smaller package.  The Qs-4A70/CXP will be available during the show for a feasibility study in the Adimec booth.  The Qs-4A70/CXP offers 4 Megapixels at 68 fps over CoaXPress or 2 Megapixels at 129 fps over CoaXPress and will soon be available for OEMs.

Enhancements to the QUARTZ series
The Adimec QUARTZ series is the most versatile line of high-performance cameras in the market, offering a wide range of capabilities for a variety of applications. QUARTZ cameras combine proven global shutter CMOS technology with the Adimec True Accurate Imaging® approach for superior image quality with unmatched speed and functionality.  The QUARTZ series includes 2 MP, 4 MP, and now 12 megapixel models

The latest developments to the QUARTZ series include improved frame-to-frame stability by a factor of 2.5 for more accurate measurements when using multiple frames, storage of up to 40 flat field correction sets for systems that use several lenses, filters or other lighting setups between measurements, and a redesign which increases power efficiency within the camera reducing the power consumption typically by about 2.5 Watts.

Adimec will be in Booth #120 on the exhibition floor with demonstrations of these innovations and more.

About Adimec
Adimec specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance cameras that meet the application-specific requirements of key market segments, including machine vision, medical imaging, and outdoor imaging.  Founded in 1992, the company partners with major OEMs around the world to facilitate the creation of industry-leading cameras.  Its products meet a wide range of performance, size, cost, interface and application requirements and its Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology provides new levels of precision and accuracy to vision systems.  Adimec has offices around the world focused on creating customer value and satisfaction through local, personalized support. For more information, got to our website. For more information on imaging and vision topics, check our blog.

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