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Adimec Focuses on Defense Vision Applications at SPIE DSS 2011

POSTED 04/18/2011

rong>Ruggedized, high resolution digital HD cameras optimized for outdoor, military applications on display;
“See Through the Fog” demo showcases VEM video enhancement technology

BOSTON, Mass. -- Adimec, a world leader in application-specific, leading-edge industrial camera solutions, will showcase its portfolio of vision products and technology aimed at the military and security markets at the 2011 edition of the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing event in Orlando, Fla., held April 26- 29. The company will display and discuss enhancements to its flagship OPAL family of high-resolution digital HD cameras, including new, more flexible interface options using the CoaXPress standard , military-grade customizations geared specifically for defense and other outdoor applications, and its unique VEM video enhancement technology that eliminates the effects of fog and other environmental factors to deliver high-quality images.

Adimec will be in Booth #1131 on the exhibition floor. In addition, Marcel Dijkema, Adimec’s Strategic Product Manager, will present a roadmap to Digital full HD for defense vision systems on Tuesday, April 26 at 2:30 PM, in the Cypress Hall Foyer. His talk is titled “Digital HD Rugged Cameras for Enhanced Defense Vision.” Full HD, in combination with Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology, improves detection, recognition and identification capabilities of situational awareness and designator systems, resulting in decreased operation reaction time.

“Since 1992 Adimec has been supplying global defense and security systems companies with high-reliability cameras for operating in the most demanding environments and to mil-qualified standards. Our products meet the unique needs of these industries and we have a proven knowledge of working within strict defense industry requirements and COTS regulations. As vision systems in these areas continue to require higher image quality, more cost-effective and flexible solutions, and adherence to tighter security and quality standards, Adimec is well-positioned to maintain our leadership position and deliver optimized camera solutions for a broad range of applications,” said David Northup, Business Director, Adimec North America.

Adimec True Accurate Imaging technology enhances vision systems
Adimec’s product roadmap is focused on extending and improving vision systems for detection, recognition, identification and targeting. It uses its proprietary Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology to deliver off-the shelf and custom solutions with optimized sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution, contrast and color processing for specific use models. Its latest cameras can operate at up to 4 megapixels with 180 fps, and 340 fps in full digital HD. Adimec also offers optional enhancements to deal with all weather conditions using its VEM technology.

Adimec’s VEM technology automatically improves performance and accuracy in low contrast conditions, eliminating the effects of a hazy atmosphere due to fog and/or sunlight scattering. Even in diffused scenes it provides detail and clarity not attainable with normal CCD or CMOS sensitivity to enhance detection, recognition and identification capabilities in systems.

Adimec’s cameras support all widely used interface options, including the recently-approved CoaXPress standard for high-speed, long-distance data transmission using standard coaxial cable. This promises to not only enable higher performing systems but also provide a cost effective upgrade path using legacy infrastructure (a recent industry report estimated the cost of upgrading the cabling in a military jet fighter could cost upwards of $100,000 per aircraft).

About Adimec
Adimec specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance cameras that meet the application-specific requirements of key market segments, including machine vision, medical imaging, and outdoor imaging. Founded in 1992, the company partners with major OEMs around the world to facilitate the creation of industry-leading cameras. Its products meet a wide range of performance, size, cost, interface and application requirements and its Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology provides new levels of precision and accuracy to vision systems. Adimec has offices around the world focused on creating customer value and satisfaction through local, personalized support. For more information, got to

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