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ActiveTools Integration for an Even Faster RazerCam

POSTED 06/24/2014

latest version of the machine vision software EyeVision 3.0 by EVT, now also supports the graphical programming of the FPGAs by XILINX. For this purpose the ActiveTools by Silicon Software were integrated.
Due to the integration of those ActiveTools, also the framegrabber by Silicon Software for the interfaces CoaXPress, GigE and Camera Link are supported.

With the preprocessing of the FPGA, many applications can be carried out in real time. For example the printed image control, the bottle sorting or the recognition of patterns and complex surface inspection, can be solved fast and easy.

For the RazerCam smart camera by EVT the integration of the ActiveTools has also some advantages. The RazerCam is based on XILINX ZYNQ and therefore the Tools are also available for the programming of the camera.

Thus the RazerCam is not only equipped with two ARM Cortex A9 cores, where the EyeVision software runs on, but also the FPGA makes it even faster. Hence the RazerCam guaranties high-speed machine vision.
With the XILINX ZYNQ SoC the RazerCam offers a graphically programmable system on a smart camera for the first time. Therefore even processing-time-consuming tasks can be solved, similar to a PC solution.
Additionally, with the RazerCam also user, who are not versed in programming, can use all features of the latest hardware platforms.

The saving in time is important, because there are no time-consuming programming or debugging cycles necessary. Therefor the “Time to Market” criteria is vital.

The ActiveTools are a nice feature in addition to the graphical programming of the EyeVision machine vision software and offer the user fast image processing in real time.