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ACS Motion Control designs and manufacturers world leading motion control solutions for sophisticated, high-performance, multi-axis machines across a wide range of industries - providing solutions for the most demanding and unique motion applications.

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ACS Motion Control - Software Suite SPiiPlusNT

POSTED 04/04/2013

MIGDAL HA’EMEK, Israel (March 4, 2013) — ACS Motion Control, a leading international provider of advanced multi-axis motion and machine control solutions, has released a new version of the comprehensive SPiiPlusNT Software Suite. The 2.20 version supports all of its existing control products, including the recently released EtherCAT® network control modules, drives and interfaces-SPiiPlusCMba/hp, SPiiPlusUDMba/hp, SPiiPlusUDMlc, SPiiPlusUDIlt.

The SPiiPlusNT Suite v2.20 Software features also the unique "One parameter tuning" feature. This feature significantly simplifies the servo tuning process and enables even the non-expert user to achieve high performance robust tuning of demanding motion applications within minutes.

In addition, the SPiiPlusNT Suite v2.20 adds new functions in ACSPL+ real time programming language, additional C Library and COM Library functions, and supports additional 3rd Party EtherCAT Drives.

"The release of SpiiPlusNT suite Ver2.20 is an important and exciting event" said Ze’ev Kirshenboim, President of ACS, "It adds outstanding features and support to our comprehensive and growing line EtherCAT based control solutions, demonstrating our long term commitment to provide machine manufacturers with the most advanced and capable solution to their most demanding multi-axis machine control needs.” Customers can download the SPiiPlusNT Suite v2.20 Software package from ACS’ secured FTP site. 

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An international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine controllers and integrated control modules, ACS provides standard and custom products that combine power and precision to deliver flexible, economical, user-friendly motion and machine control solutions. Established in 1985, ACS’ international headquarters is located in Israel and its North American headquarters resides in Eden Prairie, MN. ACS also has facilities in South Korea and China, and distributors worldwide that deliver dependable customer service and product support. ACS is an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, demonstrating its continuous commitment to providing customers with reliable devices that are thoroughly tested with the latest available techniques.