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ACS Motion Control designs and manufacturers world leading motion control solutions for sophisticated, high-performance, multi-axis machines across a wide range of industries - providing solutions for the most demanding and unique motion applications.

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ACS Introduces IDMsm Intelligent Drive Module High-Performance Multi-Axis EtherCat® DS402 Drive for OEM Machine Builders

POSTED 12/08/2020

IDMsmACS launches the first in a new line of high-performance Intelligent Drive Module products. The IDMsm is a 2- or 4-axis EtherCAT® DS402 universal servo drive featuring unique control algorithms and processing technologies that enhance the performance of high-precision motion stages. Certified as EtherCAT Conformance Tested®, the IDMsm provides up to 5A continuous and 10A peak per axis with 12-48 VDC drive supply.

“We’re excited to offer our unique servo control and motion-to-process synchronization capabilities, backed by more than 35 years of high-performance motion control expertise, for demanding applications that utilize any brand of EtherCAT-based controller,” says Jason Goerges, ACS Motion Control General Manager North America and Global VP of Marketing. “High-tech capital equipment manufacturers have a wide range of EtherCAT servo and stepper drive offerings to choose from. When OEM machines must outpace the competition in throughput, accuracy and time to market for sophisticated features, the IDMsm is the drive to win,” Goerges added.

Product Highlights:

  • Powerful tuning and performance analysis software tools for stage performance optimization
  • Advanced servo control algorithms for gantries and other multi-axis stage configurations
  • Intuitive ACSPL+ real time programming with up to 4 simultaneous threads for maximum application flexibility
  • Standard DS402/CiA402 CoE EtherCAT interface provides connectivity to any EtherCAT master controller
  • Flexibility to interface with multiple motor types for best technology fit on each axis: brushless, brush, voice coil or stepper
  • Integral Safe Torque Off (STO), SS1 functional safety capabilities
  • Certified EtherCAT Conformance Tested®

EtherCAT® is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany

About ACS Motion Control
ACS Motion Control delivers high-performance motion controller and drive solutions to OEM machine builders in semiconductor, laser processing, flat panel display, 3D printing, electronic assembly and life science industries. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Israel, ACS technical sales and support offices in the USA, Germany, China and a global partner network are backed by an ISO9001-certified design and manufacturing facility. ACS has been a member of the PI Group since 2017.