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Ace USB 3.0 Cameras with 2 MP and 4 MP CMOS Sensors

POSTED 07/29/2014

rong>Basler Presents ace USB 3.0 CAmeras with 2 and 4 MP CMOSIS SensorsBasler Presenting Powerful ace USB 3.0 Cameras with 2 and 4 MP CMOSIS Sensors

Cameras offer full USB bandwidth, cutting-edge USB 3.0 interface technology and Basler's proven USB3 Vision implementation

Camera manufacturer Basler is expanding its portfolio of ace USB 3.0 cameras to models featuring 2 MP and 4 MP CMOS sensors CMV2000 and CMV4000 from CMOSIS. The cameras are available in monochrome and color as well as in near-infrared.

USB 3.0 models combine the benefits of high-performance CMOSIS sensors with the bandwidth, simple plug&plug compatibility and reliability of USB3 Vision. They deliver a fast 165 frames per second at 2 MP and 90 frames per second at 4 MP resolution, all while placing only a very small CPU load. Image quality is excellent, with low noise, high dynamic performance and very strong sensitivity. The 5.5 µm² pixel size and the global shutter capture high-precision images even in difficult lighting conditions or fast movement situations. Also of interest for users: The cameras are extra small and light (29 x 29 x 29.3 mm at 80 g), making them perfectly suited for systems where space is at a premium.

René von Fintel, responsible for Basler's USB product range, explains: "The entire package is really impressive here. The cameras are reliable, fast and deliver outstanding quality images — yet are still priced highly competitively. Because of this combination, they are in high demand for nearly all areas of machine vision. This includes not just many classic industrial applications in factory automation, but also traffic, logistics, medicinal and laboratory automation applications."

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