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ace Models with 2 and 4 MP CMOSIS Sensors and up to 340 Frames per Second

POSTED 11/17/2010

rong>Unique combination of excellent performance, small size, and low price makes the new ace cameras very appealing for the industrial and ITS markets

Ahrensburg, 09 November 2010 - Basler started a new era of innovation at the VISION Stuttgart show and introduced a set of small, ultra-fast, high resolution ace cameras. The cameras use the all-new 2 and 4 Basler Launches ace Models with 2 and 4 MP CMOSIS Sensors and up to 340 Frames per Secondmegapixel resolution CMOS sensors from CMOSIS, which reach up to 340 and 180 frames per second respectively. With a global shutter and Camera Link interface, this new set of ace camera models expands the frontiers for a wide range of throughput orientated applications.

Basler took the challenge and implemented the CMOSIS sensors into the ace with its very small housing and a footprint of only 29 mm x 29 mm. Trigger or flash support via separate I/O Ports and optional Power over Camera Link (PoCL) functionality reduce the hardware installation effort to a minimum. In addition, all camera properties can be flexibly adapted with software commands via GenICam support. The performance, the small size, and the new flexibility of the ace Camera Link models make the replacement of analog and older digital cameras a secure investment.

Just like the existing ace cameras, the new set of ace Camera Link models has a strictly cost driven design that has never been matched by cameras with such a tremendous pixel throughput. Basler hands these cost advantages over to our customers and defines a new entry level price. “We see that the combination of performance, small size, and price is unique in today’s machine vision camera market,” explains Werner Borchert, Senior Product Manager at Basler. “With the ace Camera Link models, we are addressing “high end” markets such as semiconductor or electronics manufacturing and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), but we have positioned our ace series at the typical cost of a mainstream camera.”

In late 2011, Basler will also offer ace CMOSIS cameras with a GigE interface.

Basler Vision Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial applications, medical devices, traffic systems, and the video surveillance market. Product designs are driven by industry requirements and offer easy integration, compact size, and a very strong price/performance ratio. These characteristics are the decisive factors allowing Basler to hold a leading position in the GigE Vision arena today. Founded in 1988, Basler has more than 20 years of experience in vision technologies and offers one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry. The company employs about 300 people at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, as well as in international subsidiaries and offices in the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

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