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ABAGY is launching a technological center in Chicago

POSTED 11/03/2022

ABAGY is revolutionizing the industrial robotics market by extending robots' applicability to non-serial production. The company breaks the stereotype about robots being applicable only for the mass production of thousands of identical products, such as the automotive industry or electronics. With ABAGY's robotic welding software, manufacturers can use the robots for custom projects or even one-of-a-kind details. The new demo space is within 30 minutes drive from Chicago and was initially intended to serve as one of the communication points for clients in the Midwest. 

Maxim Zverkov, CEO of ABAGY, says: 

“Chicago is an important point for us because of a number of manufacturing plants located in the Midwest. We’re going to develop this space as one of our main technological centers. For example, this November we’re using it to prepare for the FABTECH 2022 event. Here we run the final tests of our robotic cells with the equipment for this event: two robotic brands, FANUC and KAWASAKI, and two welding equipment manufacturers, Lincoln and Miller.”

Luke Faulkner, the Director of Technology Integration at the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) based in Chicago, became one of the first visitors to the new center: 

“AISC started looking at how we can automate processes about already 10-12 years ago, and that was the question we got: “are you worried that you are taking people’s jobs?” The answer was simple even 12 years ago: “There’s no one for these jobs.” We’re doing the jobs that we simply can’t find people for. In the ensuing 10 to 12 years or so, it’s not gotten better. We are taking on an initiative that AISC to address workforce development, but it’s not quick. None of that is quick. Automation is what’s going to help fill the gap right now.” 

The technological center is open for demos and visits. Please send a request on ABAGY’s official website to schedule a free demonstration. We are always eager to demonstrate our technology and share the experience.

You can watch the video from the Chicago Center.
Find more information about adaptive robotic welding on the website abagy.com.