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AMT creatively solves robotic automation challenges. We provide complete engineered solutions with talented, experienced engineers and NO product or hardware agenda. This allows us to offer a unique and unbiased automation solution that fit your robotic automation needs regardless of size. We offer the AMT Advantage, which separates us from the pack. We have over 25 years as a full-service Automation Solutions Integrator with the unique ability to engage with a manufacturer at any point in their process. "We never intended to be just another automation robotics & engineering firm. Our experience and skill in applying manufacturing technology is unsurpassed in the industry," CEO Mike Jacobs. At AMT, we have successfully built a company of relevant automation robotics technologies under one roof with a depth of knowledge and experience that exists solely to add value to our customers’ performance. Let us show you how your company can benefit from our experience.

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A How-To Guide: The End User’s System Integrator Selection Process

POSTED 01/08/2021

Craig-J.-SalvalaggioFor Robotics Week hosted by the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) in September 2020, AMT’s Chief Operating Officer Craig Salvalaggio hosted a workshop on how to select the right system integrator partner for your project. With nearly two decades of experience at AMT in all levels of the organization, Craig is in a unique position to offer end users critical advice on selecting a best-fit partner.

Whether you’re an experienced automation user or considering automation for the first time, following aAMT-eBook-choosing-SI documented process when selecting a systems integrator partner will help you make a best-fit choice to ensure project success.

This informational article will provide you with:

  • Better insight into the end user decision-making process
  • Key criteria on philosophy and strategy when approaching automation initiatives
  • Better understanding of how to right-size the end user-system integrator relationship
  • Qualifying criteria for selecting partners

Download to read the full eBook on our website.