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RS Automation Newsletter_Network PLC

10/20/2021 | RS Automation Co., Ltd.

The X8 series, an ultra-compact and high-performance PLC, has built-in various protocols based on market experience and thorough market verification. It provides international standards such as EtherNET/IP, Modbus, DeviceNET, HSMS dedicated to semiconductor/display, and its own web server.

Building Blocks of Revenue Management

10/19/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

As your business bounces back from the pandemic, focusing on #revenuemanagement can help you better understand the relationship between customer demand and available resources.

Midwest Motion Products, Inc. is Celebrating 20 Strong Years in Motion Control Industry

10/19/2021 | Midwest Motion Products

The Leaders in Rapid Prototyping of High – Quality Motion Control Solutions is celebrating 20 years in Motion Control Business

Offline Robot Programming Software for Automated Welding

10/19/2021 | OCTOPUZ

With offline robot programming software, manufacturers can eliminate downtime for programming while increasing their welding process precision.

Weekly Bot Brief on Robotic Companies and the Industry

10/17/2021 | Balcones Investment Research

Research on companies and their stock that are involved in the robotic industry

You’ve Closed the Deal, Now What?

10/14/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Selling a business takes months of preparation, hundreds of phone calls, and seemingly endless decisions before all is said and done.

Dunkermotoren Presents New IIoT Brand "nexofox" on the Market and Thus Goes Beyond the Boundaries of Drive Technology

10/14/2021 | AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions

On October 11, 2021, Dunkermotoren announced the market launch of the new IIoT brand "nexofox".

Meili Robots Partners with InOrbit to Boost Their Fleet Management Solution

10/13/2021 | Meili Robots

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (OCTOBER 13, 2021) – Meili Robots, the provider of the universal fleet management system Meili FMS, has now partnered with the cloud-based RobOps platform InOrbit.

Are Your Financial Statements Telling the Right Story?

10/12/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Learn about the new U.S. GAAP accounting standard, and why you might want to consider FRF for SMEs instead.

Learning-Based Control Algorithms

10/12/2021 | ACS Motion Control

Maximize and maintain the highest level of motion performance using new learning-based control algorithms. LearningBoost is used during machine calibration, or online for continual motion optimization. Autonomously identify and compensate for error inside and outside of servo bandwidth.

634AI and InOrbit collaborate to bring more efficient AMR fleet management to the U.S. market

10/12/2021 | 634AI

634AI, developers of MAESTRO, an AI-enabled control tower for streamlining the management of industrial indoor mobility, has announced a collaboration with InOrbit, a cloud-based management platform for robot operations at scale, to develop a joint solution for the US market.

Seegrid Ranked No. 1 Autonomous Mobile Robot Provider in the US by Interact Analysis

10/12/2021 | Seegrid Corporation

The 2021 Mobile Robot report by Interact Analysis named Seegrid #1 for all mobile robots in the United States and #1 in market share worldwide for automated tow tractors.

InOrbit Launches Developer Portal, Expands RobOps Ecosystem

10/12/2021 | InOrbit, Inc.

InOrbit announced today the launch of their Developer Portal and an expanded RobOps Ecosystem. The Developer Portal provides a centralized toolbox that includes SDKs, APIs and ready-to-use code for roboticists looking to integrate RobOps development into their robot platfor

New Algorithms, Products and Capabilities

10/11/2021 | ACS Motion Control

Since 1985, ACS Motion Control has continually delivered innovative solutions to address the worlds most demanding multi-axis high precision motion applications. Available for download today, the SPiiPlus ADK Suite v3.10 delivers a large range of advanced new features.

Jabil Optics Wins Best of Sensors Award 2021

10/11/2021 | Jabil Inc.

The innovative omnidirectional sensor won the Best of Sensors 2021 award in the Optical & Cameras category. The award highlights cutting-edge advancements and achievements that are moving the sensors industry forward.

Weekly Bot Brief Newsletter

10/10/2021 | Balcones Investment Research

Research on Robotic companies

EXE Training classes - Now online the new calendar

10/08/2021 | Opto Engineering S.r.l.

New calendar of traSchedule your training today. The new training classes calendar is online: Secure your place now!

CMOS Camera Characterisation – New Online Training in November 2021

10/08/2021 | FRAMOS Technologies Inc.

FRAMOS, a leading global imaging provider, has already been highly rated for its CMOS camera training course by participants in the past and is therefore offering a content update for this popular hands-on course in Novembe

Radiant Vision Systems Honored by 2021 Laser Focus World Innovators Award Program

10/07/2021 | Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant's VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) Software, combining photometric measurement and machine vision-based defect detection, receives a Silver-level Innovators Award for its impact to photonics innovatio

Safety First: Specialized Stäubli Robots Shine in Sterile Food Production

10/07/2021 | Stäubli Robotics

Stäubli Robotics to demonstrate automated hygienic food processing solutions at global food equipment and tech show PROCESS EXPO

A&E Talent: Money isn’t the Only Motivator

10/07/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Here are some compensation planning and cultural considerations to help promote A&E talent retention. ?

Tompkins Robotics Introduces xChange - A Revolution in Automation Sortation Fulfillment

10/06/2021 | Tompkins Robotics

Tompkins Robotics Introduces xChange - A Revolution in Automation Sortation Fulfillment. Tompkins Robotics has created a new robotic application to automate the exit process on a unit sortation order fulfillment system. This innovative system is called

Infrastructure & Budget Reconciliation Waiting Game

10/06/2021 | Clayton & McKervey

Another week has passed without action in Congress. Learn more in this week's edition of Insights from Washington.??? ?

Program your robot faster than ever with Robotmaster’s latest update

10/06/2021 | Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.)

Hypertherm announced an update to its Robotmaster® offline robot programming software. This new version 7.5 update focuses on accelerating and simplifying the programming process and includes new features for a variety of robotic applicati

Vecow Arm-based IoT System Certified by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

10/06/2021 | Vecow Co., Ltd.

Vecow Arm-based IoT System AIC-100 and VIG-100 are Microsoft Azure Certified and help customers to jumpstart IoT projects with confidence and resil