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Photonfocus AG is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CMOS image sensor and CMOS camera technologies for the machine vision industry. Based on leading edge,proprietary sensor designs, our products feature extremely high frame rates, high dynamic range (HDR) and extensive programmability for use in many industrial vision applications. Additionally, Photonfocus offers customized sensor and camera solutions and provides design-in support in vision system design.

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4 Megapixel OEM-Module OEM-D2080-160-LC-12

POSTED 09/13/2011

Embedded Systems Photonfocus sells all their Photonfocus CMOS cameras on a module basis (OEM-Modules). With the OEM versions you can easily and at a low cost integrate the Photonfocus CMOS sensors in your machine vision system. The OEM Module of the 4 Megapixel Sensor A2080 consists of two PCB boards - one sensor board and one ADC-Module. The hardware will be delivered together with the related firmware and software to ensure a plug and play triggering of the image sensors. The user can easily control the camera functions with the software which is included in the package.

The modules can be accessed via two software interfaces. On one hand the C-Code of the PF-Remote SDK can be compiled for the system processor to communicate with the modules. On the other hand you can also use a register based ASCII protocol  to control the modules. This option is particularly suitable for systems with an FPGA processor unit.

The OEM-D2080-160-LC-12 module allows a frame rate of 34 fps at full resolution of 2080 by 2080 pixels. The image data and the trigger signal offer a LVCMOS 3.3 voltage level and can be connected directly to the parallel ports of a DSP.

If you have any further questions about our OEM products or embedded systems camera modules contact us. Alternatively visit us at the "Vision"  in Stuttgart from November 8-11, at our booth 4C71 in the exhibition hall 4!